Yep, add three toothpaste to your cart but only pay for two! Oh and you get FREE UK shipping too. Pretty good deal eh? that’s under £10 per toothpaste – something we’ve never done before so make the most of it!

With the interest rising in our toothpaste and our premise move I thought I’d share the love with you guys and give you the option to bulk buy for a few months with a discount. The offer is only available this week until Sunday 29th May at midnight.

The certified organic, Brightening Antioxidant toothpaste is one of a kind, made with dental loving, natural and organic ingredients that will clean your teeth, brightening and cleansing as you brush. It’ll also help sensitive teeth and gums with it’s creamy ingredients such as coconut oil, aloe vera leaf juice, peppermint and papaya extract, papain.

Our cranberry extract is kind of magical. No only is it an upcycled ingredient from the juicing industry, it is high in flavanoids and anti carie agents that help fight tooth decay. A must for any toothpaste as dental decay and dental disease is a definite no no for everyone.

What more do you want from a COSMOS certified organic toothpaste? oh right, a lot more??

It’s also certified vegan with the Vegan Society so you can be safe in the knowledge that animal derivatives have not been used anywhere in the manufacturing chain to make our toothpaste. That means not only are the ingredients plant based but the process of making each ingredient has followed a strict vegan process as well.

We would be missing something if we were not also Cruelty Free so all of our products are Cruelty Free/Leaping Bunny with Cruelty Free International. You’ll be happy to know that our products have passed a strict process to ensure that they are not harming any animals in their making or throughout any of their product life cycle.

Our packaging is also low carbon with our tubes being made of sugarcane, a carbon neutral upcycled material from the sugar industry, our tube caps are made of virgin plastics (sadly we need manufacture such large amounts to get sugar cane caps, it’s just not possible for us as a small business) and our cartons are made of FSC certified card with the only packaging company to be certified by the World Land Trust.

We also manufacture our toothpaste in the UK with the UK’s only dental manufacturer.

Pretty Epic right? well we think so 🙂

If you wish to take us up on our 3 for 2 offer, make sure you add three toothpastes to your cart and our website will do the rest. No coupon no fuss!

Happy shopping!

Jayne x

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