It’s all in our Smile – bring your confidence back with our dental care :)

We smile for a variety of reasons – to show happiness, to convey friendliness, to express gratitude, and even to ease tension or awkwardness in social situations.

Smiling is a universal human expression that is ingrained in our nature. When it comes to making our smiles better, our teeth play a crucial role. A smile with healthy teeth is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but it also boosts our confidence and self-esteem.

Here are some ways our teeth can enhance our smiles:

1. Tooth color: Bright and white teeth can make our smile appear more vibrant and attractive. Regular brushing and dental cleanings can help prevent stains caused by foods and drinks, as well as smoking.

If you follow our 3 step dental routine, using our floss, tongue cleaner and toothpaste you’ll have brighter teeth, fresher breath and fight cavities and gum disease all without harmful ingredients that can cause sensitivities in your mouth and on your teeth.

2. Restoring damaged or missing teeth: Now, this is something that isn’t easy to do when dentists for this type of thing are very very expensive, however, if you are able, spending money on restoring your teeth will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made. Damaged teeth severely effect our health and confidence so rectifying any damages will give you the boost you need.

3. Teeth Alignment: Another one that I don’t talk about very much because honestly, it’s not available to most of us. I’d love love love to have an adult brace to rectify issues I’ve had since I was a kid but as things stand, it’s just not possible…. but, if you are able and you’ve been wanting to have either braces or something like invisalign check out what deals you can get and payment plans, if you’re conscious of your smile because of wonky or overlapping teeth, bring your happiness and smile back by checking out what is available to you.

4. Gum pain: This may seem like an odd one but so many of our customers come to us saying that gum pain makes them so conscious of smiling because of the redness of their gums. Flossing and interdentals are you friend here. The more you do it the more it can help fight gum disease. Our toothpaste is also specifically formulated to sooth gums and inflammation, it’s packed full of gum loving antioxidants so will have gum disease packing for the door in no time.

5. Breath: Yep, breath is also another big one for our customers, and me included. Smiling and general talking near someone is a big no no for so many. You don’t need to use harsh chemical laden mouth washes or skin stripping products to get fresh breath. Using a considered dental routine that incorporates our tongue scraper, floss, interdentals, toothbrushes and toothpaste will even out the PH in your mouth, making sure that you are not to acidic and not to alkaline keeping the PH at an optimal level of 7 – the sweet spot for good oral health that fights gum disease, cavities, tooth decay, stained teeth and bad breath.

Healthy teeth play a crucial role in creating a confident smile Maintaining good oral hygiene and seeking dental treatment when needed can help us achieve that smile we deserve.

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