An electric toothbrush that reduces plastic waste? really?

It’s a bold claim, that our electric toothbrush reduces plastic by up to 70%… but one I’ll stand by.  If you take into account the use of 4 toothbrushes per year totaling 12 brushes it’s not hard to see how we are reducing single use plastic.

1. The handle & charging dock may well be made of plastic, however, this is in order to keep you safe, have a lighter product and one that is wipeable for easy cleaning.

2. The handle & charging dock will last 3 years and beyond.

3.  Once the toothbrush is at the end of it’s life, the plastics and electrical components can be recycled in your electrical waste.

4. The USB charger does not have a plug attached.  This is to save on production of plastic waste.  We all have so many charging adapters in our homes now it didn’t make sense for us to add to this *

5. The bamboo heads are made of fully compostable FSC Certified Bamboo with a cornstarch inner – place in your garden compost to decompose within 18 months.

6. The Japanese Binchotan Bristles are nylon infused so make sure you take them out of the head before composting.  I use pliers myself but some people are super strong and snap the heads off. **

7.  The packaging is made of cardboard with a paper pulp inner.

8. It’s shipped to you in compostable, zero plastic packaging.

Not bad eh? that’s before we even get to the power and efficacy of the Sonic Wave too!

* please make sure you read the user guide in order to get the best out of the Sonic Wave – it needs an adapter that is 5v/1a – a slow charger over 12/15 hours – not a fast one that we use for our phones 

** Our brush heads are made of nylon and infused with Japanese Binchotan Charcoal due to longevity and brushing ability.  Other materials have not tested well on the teeth with regard to cleaning or gum health

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