Pretty cool right, and not bad for our little toothpaste going up against some big skincare brands!

5 year ago, or thereabouts, I entered a brand we were distributing into the Pure Beauty Awards and as luck would have it, their product won! I mean it felt good, pretty damn good… I felt so happy for the brand we were representing. We were also lucky enough to attend the glitzy awards ceremony at the Savoy.

I’ll tell you a secret…. we drank a lot. It was fun and the goodie bag was immense. However, all I could think and hope was that one day, one day we would be our own dental brand with our own organic toothpaste and that perhaps one day, I’d win an a award for that product.

We were our own dental brand by the end of 2018 and by 2019 we’d stopped distributing other brands completely and focused on our product range and the development of our organic toothpaste.

Another not so secret, when I say we really it’s just me. Little old me in an office and stock room on my own pumping out the tunes, doing the admin, packing, product development, financials, stock takes, stock orders, wholesale shipments… and on and on as it is in small biz, it’s all me but sometimes I feel a bit silly talking about Organically Epic and saying I so I say we. Like Organically Epic is a person….. ha!

Anyway, I digress. Last year was launch year for our Brightening Antioxidant Toothpaste. 3.5 years in the making, I was so ready for it to launch. Since launch it’s been in the press with Natural Health Magazine saying it’s one of the best upcycled products in Beauty – this is down to our amazing cranberry extract that is upcycled from the juicing industry and our wonderful sugar cane packaging which is upcycled from the sugarcane industry.

Feeling even better was our win last week at the Pure Beauty Global Awards.

The same award I pontificated about all those years ago. Life is funny isn’t it.

But yeah, pretty damn cool and it feels pretty good to be honest.

Jayne x

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