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At Epic we support many charities, some are local, some are national and we hold various events throughout the year to raise funds for these Charities.

In May we had a full week of fundraising for the Multiple Sterosis Society and Havens Hospices.

Our Charity weeks are great fun and each time we do them I completely forget to take photos because we are so busy working and fundraising at the same time! so, apologies for the lack of images :(

Our week kicked of on Monday 23rd May with fancy dress! yes I kid you not... I am personally not a lover of fancy dress so when we do this I curse the whole team for their input (we ask

everyone what they would like to do each day to raise funds).  Our team must be moonlighting as superheros on the weekends, such is their love of dressing up!!!

The Epic team dressed up as Amy Winehouse, Where's Wally, Wayne and Garth (from Wayne's World - they did look pretty good), a Pink Lady, Cat Woman, Russ Abbott (yes I know, strange right?) a 40s style pin up and many more!

On Tuesday we had mini games in the garden.  We are indeed lucky enough to have a small amount of green space at the back of our offices, wonderful on a sunny day, for a quick tea break and it's the venue for our annual summer bbq as well! anyway, I digress.... we played pass the balloon by your knees, egg and spoon & throw the bean bag in the circle - quick but fun! A good team building exercise, I highly recommend it if you are at work and your team in in a bit of a slump - we were buzzing after this so got cracking back to work straight away with enhanced positivity... it's always good to get the creative & competitive juices flowing :)

Wednesday we all wore wigs or a funny hat.  There were some amazing wigs from Rod Stuart layered 70's styles, to curly captain hook ringlets to Britney Spearsesque pink bobs!  I opted for a stetson style hat that I was calling my homage to Pharrell Williams but honestly, it was more Dynasty than Pharrell.

Thursday saw the return of our annual cake and wine sale.  Don't worry, we only have 1 or 2 glasses of wine and definitely not in the morning ;)  Staff members had baked some beautiful cakes.  Carrot cakes, coconut and jam sponge (we're nuts for coconuts!), chocolate mud cake, apple cake, cupcakes & a lemon drizzle cake + Karon's famous Bread Pudding, yum!

On Friday, any staff member could pay for Karon or I to make their teas of coffees. Whilst Karon and I do make our staff drinks regularly, they usually keep us topped up with coffee and herbal tea throughout the day so it's only right that we had a morning where it was strictly our responsibility.

Throughout the week we were all regularly donating to partake in the festivities.  Small amounts but often.  We had a swear pot that got a bashing & a guess the amount of smarties in a jar competition. 

All in all we had great fun and raised money for our chosen charities.   The amount that we raised is then doubled by Epic and split between the Multiple Sterosis Society and Havens Hospice

If you would like to donate to either of these charities, please go to their websites below


Have a fabulous week!!!

Jayne and the Organically Epic Team x


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