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Yes yes and double Yes!

Finally the UK government, after much pressure, has followed the US and other EU countries in commiting to ban micro beads from our products!! this absolutely wonderful news!

If you follow us on social media you will know we have posted about microbeads often as they are so harmful to the environment. Companies that manufacture them claim that they exfoliating and cleansing qualities, although this has been refuted by many sources. 

What we do know is this;

  • They are used in many every day products like toothpastes & body scrubs
  • Micro beads to are solid plastics, of around 5mm wide or less
  • They do not breakdown or biodegrade, making their way into our water systems and waterways, where they cannot process them, then they move into our seas and oceans
  • Marine life eat these plastics, slowly poisoning themselves

We don't need these plastics in any products, why put plastic on your face when Mother Nature provides so many nourishing, healthy alternatives?

The ban isn't going to happen quickly, there is no date on the agenda as far as I can tell but the fact that it has been spoken about as an all out ban instead of on a voluntary basis is a win for those of us who support the ban and champion organic and natural alternatives!!!!

To read more about it, please check out the link below from the Independent.


The Organically Epic Team x


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