Posted on by Jayne Clark-Denyer

Up to 60% of what you put onto your skin is absorbed by your body. This is the reason why  skin patches are an effective delivery system. In the pursuit of beauty, whether softer skin, a natural tan or less fine lines, we put things on our skin that we would not dream of eating.

The long term use of many high street beauty product can actually damaging your body due to absorbing nasty chemicals. Our Eco by Sonya skincare and tanning range was actually founded after concerns between 'non organic' spray tans and cancer. Many of our organic ingredients are food grade, but please don't eat as they probably wouldn't taste very good! We believe that nature has given us all we need to nurture, support and heal us. It's this idea which has inspired us to provide you with only the best in organic and natural skincare products sourced from around the world.

Love your Body, Love Mother Nature, Love Organic

We love our range or natural and organic skincare products. We think you'll love them too.