two toothbrushes

coconut charcoal or japanese binchotan charcoal?

You may have noticed, our two toothbrushes have different charcoals in their bristles.

Both charcoals brighten teeth by lifting stains and freshening breath but there are differences in how they are made, the materials they’re made of and also how they manage to brighten teeth.

So, what’s the bristle shizzle…

Our manual adult brush bristles are infused with coconut shell charcoal. Yep that’s right, our charcoal is coconut shell! Not only is this an abundantly renewable source of a high quality ingredient that can be grown all year round, it is also a by product of the coconut industry so could otherwise go to waste. The micro pores of the coconut shell charcoal can confine a range of contaminants of different sizes. This makes coconut shell charcoal super popular in dental, health and skincare products.

Whilst our Sonic Wave electric toothbrush is made of Japanese Binchotan charcoal, or fancy charcoal as we call it and also a little nod to my Japanese roots (I was born in Japan). Japanese Binchotan is also known as white charcoal. Made from the branches of Japanese oak trees using the traditional method of burning the wood slowly at high temperatures, depriving it of oxygen in a kiln for a period of weeks until it has turned into carbon. The branches of the oak tree are carefully and sustainably selected by artisans who determine their maturity. Ensuring that the process is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. The surface of the Binchotan is made up of macro and micro pores that allow the charcoal to attract and absorb a multitude of unwanted particles in water and on our bodies. Binchotan is a highly prized ingredient in organic products and you may have also seen it used as a water filtration system too! so clever 🙂

So there we have it, the two differing types of charcoal on our bristles. Both cleansing, brightening and detoxifying. They’re just a little bit different in where they are made and how they go about their business.

Which one is your fav?

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