Coconut – soft fresh and oh so soothing

Coconut oil is the go to for many skincare and hair care benefits but did you know it’s also wonderfully powerful in dental care? Specifically in our Brightening Antioxidant Toothpaste formulation.

We’ve used fractionated coconut oil in our toothpaste due to it’s amazing consistency and it is not sensitive to temperature changes. Virgin coconut oil is fabulous, however it will harden in colder temperatures so it’s not ideal for a toothpaste that needs a certain consistency.

Fractionated coconut oil will have the inci caprylic/capric triglyceride on our ingredients list – just incase you thought well that sounds odd, it is isn’t it?! It’s called this because fractionated coconut oil is made from regular coconut oil and mainly consists of the medium-chain fatty acids caprylic acid and capric acid

Coconut oil has been said to reduce tooth decay, bacteria, gum disease and it’s a works a treat at dealing with bad breath. Perfect for our toothpaste and the consistency gives a lovely creamy vibe too, so good for the gums.

Did you know it’s a fab ingredient for oil pulling as well? if you get some fractionated or virgin coconut oil and put a spoonful in your mouth, swish for as long as you can then spit. It’s said to rid your mouth of damaging bacteria and freshen breath too!

Just the ticket for a toothpaste and when it’s added to the rest of our plaque busting breath freshening ingredients it makes for a magical concoction.

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