Cold Weather Effecting your Dental Health?

Now that the colder weather is upon us, just about, many of us are experiencing dental sensitivities, sometimes for the first time which can be worrying.

Hot and cold weather can both have effects on our dental health so being aware of them and how to counteract temperature related dental issues is a must.

When it comes to our oral and dental health, our teeth and gums are susceptible to the brisk sting of the cold weather. Whilst it’s common to feel mild discomfort where the cold is hitting your teeth any long term dental pain could be a sign of an underlying issue. No one should live with dental pain so if you are concerned that this is more than weather related pain please do get to your dentist asap.

Our level of sensitivity varies from person to person. Extreme hot and cold temperatures will expand and contract our teeth, naturally. Breathing in cold air can expose small cracks or cavities in tooth enamel, exposing the dentine and irritating the inner nerves below. Sudden sharp jolts of pain that we call dental sensitivity will then occur.

If you already experience dental sensitivity, it can worsen in the winter months, however, not all is lost, here are a few things to avoid to lessen the ouch;

  1. Clenching teeth. When it’s cold we automatically tense our bodies and our jaws without even realising it. When we notice this is happening, relax your jaw, by clenching we are exposing our teeth to the cold and also grinding the teeth down little by little.
  2. Being a bit too powerful with your brushing technique. I’m often told by customers that they like a good strong brush, so much so that the bristles splay on their toothbrush after a month. Brushing too hard or harshly can damage the teeth and gums which then leaves them open to sensitivities from the cold. Our bristles should only ‘sweep’ the teeth, softly and effectively. Instead of pressing hard on the tooth, ‘sweep’ the brush over the teeth in thoughtful, purposeful motions. Think about what you’re doing and don’t go onto autopilot when brushing your teeth.
  3. Keep on top of any issues with tooth decay. Tooth decay will erode enamel leaving your teeth open to pain from the cold, any decay issues please visit your dentist regularly for check ups and advice on cleaning.
  4. Missing teeth or large gaps between your teeth have a higher risk of exposure to colder temperatures so be aware of that when you’re out and about in the cold.
  5. Hot and cold drinks. If you can, avoid these when you’re out in cold weather, go for tepid water or luke warm drinks so you don’t contract the teeth leaving you open to pain.
  6. Tooth whitening agents. They can cause sensitivities at the best of times, but when the weather is cold, it’s 100% more likely that it’ll cause pain. So, if you can, avoid bleaches and whitening agents in the colder months – not our toothpaste of course;) it’s a brightening toothpaste not a whitening one and does not use bleaches or harsh chemicals to brighten.
  7. Periodontal disease. Gum recession caused by periodontal disease reveals the base of the tooth, making it vulnerable to tooth sensitivity and other oral issues – interdental brushes are your friend here.
  8. Illness such as blocked sinuses in the winter. Sinus inflammation or infections can lead to toothache. If your sinuses are blocked you’ll be more likely to breath in through your mouth, taking in the cold air and harming your teeth and gums. Looking after your overall health and your dental health run hand in hand. Rest and recuperate when you’re ill – pretty please.

No one should suffer dental pain so please, do all you can to look after your dental health by adopting a good, quick, overall dental routine. By using our dental floss, interdentals, toothbrushes and toothpaste as well as our tongue cleaner you’ll be giving your dental health the best you can whilst also reducing dental waste and being kind to the planet.

I hope this has helped! keep your mouth closed as much as possible when you’re in the cold peeps!

Organically Epic x

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