Don’t bake it, fake it….Sunless tanning – a brief history

With the summer season well and truly under way we are all looking forward to a bit of down time either on holiday, in sunnier climates or at home, where I must say, it’s still pretty sunny in the UK.  Bar the random rain showers we are having as well.

But… there’s no need to sit in the sun baking your skin for the sun kissed look we all covet, not only is it pretty boring, its leaving you open to sunburn, soreness, premature aging and skin cancer.

Who wants to wait ages for a potentially dangerous tan when they could be having fun?!!!

Ever since Coco Chanel first sported a tan in the 1923 we’ve been obsessed.  From the A list to the average Jo list, a tan gives us confidence, it gives us that extra oomph in our step.  Up until Coco Chanel accidentally got too much sun on a jaunt to Cannes, tanned skin was thought to be a sign of poverty.  Pale, porcelain skin was the order of the day, with women and men keeping firmly out of the sun.

In one moment, upon returning home with glowing tanned skin, Coco Chanel smashed through decades and centuries of sun avoidance.  Such was her power.  What a woman eh?

When dermatologists and doctors noticed a spike in the number of skin cancer research into the affects of UV rays got significant investment and, as we know now, extreme exposure to the sun and it’s UV rays were found to cause a plethora of issues, not least skin cancer and premature aging.

Sunbeds and sunless tanners (fake tan to you and I) gained global popularity with the first sunless tan, Man Tan, launching in 1959 and the first tanning bed in 1978.

We now know that tanning beds are as bad for your skin, if not worse, emiting UV rays that cause DNA damage.  There is so much evidence proving that UV rays cause cancer that the International Agency for Research on Cancer, an agency of the World Health Organization (WHO), has classified sunbeds as a Group 1 Carcinogen

This is particularly interesting since the Sunbed Association (imagine being in this fun forever tanned group) say that there is no evidence to suggest that going on a sunbed increases your likelihood of getting cancer.  

I think I’ll take the sciency peoples word over that of the Sunbed association any day.

Sunless tanners have come a long way since their inception.  With ingredients becoming greener, purer and less orangy as modern science paves the way.  

The key ingredient in a self tan is called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is often derived from sugar beets DHA creates a chemical reaction with the skin where the very top layer of skin cells changes colour.  This creates the tanning smell that some people often refer to.  It isn’t pleasant and can smell rather biscuity. 

There are some tans that don’t smell or market themselves and not having that tanning smell, however, the smell is masked by perfume’s which are synthetic so if you’re looking for a more natural, safe way to tan, I’d avoid these heavily perfumed and scented products.

Our Eco by Sonya tanning range has been developed after years of research, fueled by a need to create a tanning product that is not only safe for us as humans but also those is sensitive skin conditions who usually cannot use conventional tanning products.  They work so blooming well too!

We’ve got a tan for everyone, if you want an overnight honey glow, Invisible Tan is your go to, fairer skin and you’re worried about going too dark, pick up a bottle of Winter Skin for a gradual glow that you can build deeper if you wish.

We’ve even got our heavy duty fast tans, newbie on the block Hempitan tanning water and Cacao Tanning Mousse that will give a deeper tan, faster.  These are super popular with our younger clients heading out for the night because they can go darker if they wish.

Our best seller is the innovative, world first, Face Tan Water that isn’t only popular with seasoned self tan lovers, but also for women and men who don’t tan, they just want a nice even bronze on their face.  Evening out skin tone and thus leaving less need for make up!

Certified Organic, Natural, Cruelty Free, Toxin Free, 100% Vegan and they actually work!

Natural science has come a long way since women were tanning their legs with tea bags.

Tan it up this summer season without the UV exposure and nourish your skin whilst doing so!

Jayne x

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