Don’t let Halloween make up and face paint ruin your complexion!

How to look after your skin during Halloween Party Season!

1.  Cleansing, toning and moisturising is your friend, don’t fear it and certainly don’t skip it – 5 mins max!

2.  Invest in a good natural and/or organic oil cleanser.  Oil cleansers are the ultimate at getting rid of face paints and make up.

3.  Use the hot cloth cleansing method.  Put on a generous amount of oil cleanser then put a hot cloth on your face to open up pore, massage the cleanser in more to pull out dirt from the pores.

4.  Double cleanse.  Next use a gel, foaming or cream cleanser, whatever your preference is, to fresh up the skin and make sure the make up or face paint is definitely off.

5.  Invest in a good facial mist or toner, something with hyaluronic acid in it for ultimate hydration.

6.  Put an oil onto damp skin from the mist – choose an oil suited to your skin.  A typical ‘dry’ oil works if you find you have oily skin and something that takes a bit longer to sink into the skin for dry skins.  Go for cold pressed if you can for the extra nutrients.

7.  When it starts getting super cold, use a balm overnight to protect, heal and hydrate.  If you’re finding that your skin is sore and cracked during the day from the cold weather, use a balm during the day to seal in moisture and add a protective layer to your skin.

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