Ella Dixon, How this Soulful Heart went from the City to Spiritual Healing and Reiki Alignment

I am Ella, owner of The Reiki Room and Co-Founder of Soulful Hearts, Modern Day wellbeing.

What is Reiki ….How did I get into Reiki .. .why I am a holistic therapist ….who am I?!?!

For those of you reading this that have never heard of Reiki or what it does, it helps align your body and make you feel fabulous!! The body is made up of 7 chakras and what Reiki does is draw upon the universes energy and transfers that energy to align your chakras, whilst assisting and promoting the body’s natural healing ability.  In simple terms it is an internal detox flushing out any negativity or blockages you may have to help both emotional and physical challenges you are faced with on a daily basis.

Reiki works in different ways for different people, providing short term assistance or long term conditioning, bringing comfort, a positive outlook and a feeling of balance.

If you would have asked back in 2011 about Reiki the thought wouldn’t have even crossed my mind!  I was working in the city as an event’s organiser in an internal communications team for the biggest bank in the UK and I loved it, I loved the fast pace, the lifestyle and being in London!!

I didn’t know what Reiki was until I was training for my first marathon back in 2011 and upon injuring my leg, as well as physio, a friend suggested Reiki.  After resisting I finally decided to book an appointment and that’s where it all started to change for me!

After my first Reiki session I didn’t realise the benefit or acknowledge how I felt after, although I was energised and went for a half hour sprint! Even so, I wasn’t ready for Reiki and thought nothing of it until a year later when I was getting married and started to have Reiki on the lead up to the wedding to relax me and reground me!  

After the wedding I continued with my journey and had Reiki throughout my pregnancy with my first daughter helping me feel even more connected to her which was a truly magical experience. After my daughter was born I had Reiki as and when because having a new born and finding time for me wasn’t a priority of mine, at that stage in my life.

It wasn’t until I went back to the city and developed post natal anxiety about leaving my daughter that I then used Reiki to help me overcome my fears and worries, my chakras were aligned and in return I was able to commute into the city without the fear I once had!

I continued with Reiki as often as I could but it wasn’t until two months before my daughters second birthday that I saw the true power of Reiki!! My daughter had an anaphylaxis reaction leading to an anaphylactic shock and for me to deal with this wasn’t easy by no means!! I called upon Reiki as my anxiety spiralled out of control and the fear and worry was all consuming!!

Reiki helped me control my fears, assist me with my anxiety and help me release all that no longer served me! After that I wanted to help other people who suffered from anxiety and for them to see there is another way for them to get help and feel better! At times clients feel even better than before, being content and at ease with themselves and those around them!

I love Reiki and am passionate about the work I do, to help people, connect with people and assist people with their own journey! Each Reiki session is different and that’s the true magic of Reiki, it works on what the client needs!

Since branching out into the world of holistic therapies I am also qualified in Indian head massage and can give both Reiki and Indian head massage for pure relaxation!!

As well as running the Reiki Room, I am also one half of Soulful Hearts, Modern Day Wellbeing, running women’s Release and Re-energise circles providing restoration & mediation.  As these events were proving popular we have branched out to Awakening the Soul, day workshops to provide a safe and nurturing space for women, assisting them on their own journey of self discovery and liberation to help unlock their truest self.

A bit about me, I am a full time mum, wife and part time holistic therapist! I sing in shows and in return that makes my soul sing! I love going out, seeing friends and being me, which always favours a bright lipstick!! I love anything spiritual but want people to realise it’s not so out there anymore to love all things alternative. Some days I am Mary Poppins and others I am Miss Hanagin and I am ok with it all!

My biggest tip is to be you and be authentic! Embrace all that you are and accept all that you are, it may take a while to do this but once you do, you are free!!

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Instagram: @the_reiki_room


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