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For every sonic wave bought, we plant a tree – LOWERING CARBON IS IMPORTANT TO US

It’s been a dream of mine to be able to get to a stage where we can plant trees on behalf of ourselves and our customers. A bit of a silly dream I hear you say… everyone else is doing it right? Yep, it would seem so, however, we needed to be at a stage monetarily that we could do it without asking you you to contribute, aside from purchasing our products of course 🙂

Every business does it differently. We all run our businesses differently and have differing margins, incomes and budgets on our products. A product based business, especially one that is trying to be as sustainable as possible whilst also bringing you the best product is not cheap. For that reason, I need to be careful with where our money goes.

The Sonic Wave has been so popular that we are now able to plant a tree with Ecologi (see We also offset our carbon as a business too, which is easy enough at the moment to be honest because Organically Epic is just me and one other staff member.

Carbon offsetting isn’t perfect. Planting a tree that takes many years to grow will never replace the centuries old forests and rain forests that are being destroyed by the minute. However, alongside all of our other initiatives it’s all adds up.

Being able to now plant trees as part of a sustainable initiative is just one of our many carbon reducing goals.

As well as planting a tree for every order of the Sonic Wave, in order to lower our carbon and achieve a carbon neutral status we are committed to the following;

  1. We have an environmental waste policy that states how our wastage is recycled and what we do with our waste.
  2. We only use FSC certified paper in our printers.
  3. The utilities company that heats and lights our office and warehouse is Ecotricity. A 100% renewables provider that is the only utilities company with Vegan Society certification.
  4. The packaging of our current products is made of cardboard. Some of which can be reused and most of it can be home composted or recycled.
  5. All of our printing materials, ie our leaflets and cards are made of either FSC Certified materials or 100% recycled materials.
  6. All of our postal packaging materials are made of either FSC Certified jiffy envelopes, compostable papers and cardboard or on the odd ocassion, the amazing little cornstarch nuggets that can breakdown in water without harming our waterways and eco systems.
  7. We are known to reuse any boxes or packaging that has made it’s way to our own individual homes and that of our families. It’s not unusual for our wholesale customers to receive oddbox boxes that have been reused from our personal home deliveries.

Our next big goal in cutting carbon is to make sure our manufacturers have environmental waste plans and also are using renewable energy to power their factories and offices. For a super small business this is tricky ask. We are not their first priority and I get that so before I address this with them I’m making sure we become a much bigger client of theirs.

We will also be adding 1 tree planted for every order of the Sonic Wave replacement heads and the Philips Sonicare series 6 replacement heads in the next 3 months. We will definitely be planting a tree with every order of our upcoming toothpaste as well.

In reality, I’m hoping that by 2022, we will be planting a tree for every online order no matter what product you order.

This may not seem like a big deal to many but to me and us as a biz, it’s a huge deal and I’m super proud to be able to do it, for us and for our customers.

Are you trying to lower your carbon as well as reduce waste? Any tips or ideas you can give us too, if so comment below .

Jayne x

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