Much like everything I seem to do at Organically Epic, the idea and vision for the Sonic Wave was in my minds eye quite some time ago.  So many of you asked for an electric bamboo toothbrush.  I’d reached out to dozens of manufacturers asking if this was possible but always being turned away disappointed.

The head apparently would need inner workings that bamboo was not suitable for the movement needed for the brushing movement.

Roll on to 2020 when business and life got really interesting.  Interesting like the most stressful thing we’ve all experienced and done right? And I took my foot off the peddle for a bit.

Then, out of nowhere I came across a manufacturer that was already working on what I now call, our dream product! The Sonic Wave.

R&D was done, my must haves were spoken about and low and behold they pulled it out of the bag!

Manufacturers are a huge part of any product based business, I’m not sitting in my garden whittling down the bamboo into toothbrushes or infusing charcoal with floss while the kids eat breakfast.  Product based businesses are complex, as are their supply chains.  I’m honoured to work really closely with our manufacturers, of which there are now two, a third to be announced by the end of the summer too so watch this space 😊

It’s actually taken me quite a while to write up this blog because launching the Sonic Wave has meant that my time has been taken up elsewhere. It’s been terrifying yet exciting at the same time. We’ve been featured in Stylist, Cosmetic Business, The Daily Star and I’ve been on Talk Radio – all of the back of the Sonic Wave launch!

The Sonic Wave is the UK’s first bamboo electric toothbrush.  I’ll be honest with you, I’ve received some negative comments and energy, predominantly on face book, the place that negative comments really come into their own.  I’ve been accused of green washing which hit me in the heart quite a bit.  I didn’t know that me calling it a bamboo electric toothbrush would cause a handful of people to think that Organically Epic was trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes with regard to the sustainability of the Sonic Wave. 

When you live and breathe product development it’s sometimes all to easy to forget that some materials, especially for safety reasons, are not obvious to those on the outside who have had nothing to do with said product and are probably seeing the brand for the first time.

I get it, as I’ve said it’s a bamboo electric toothbrush so that gives the impression that it’s all bamboo.  It was not my intention to mislead, I just assumed that it was common sense that the handle would not be made of bamboo.

I am definitely not green washing in anyway.  All the materials are listed on our website and on the packaging.  The reason for the handle being made of recyclable plastic is due to the fact that electronics and water do not mix. Bamboo is porous so over time there would be leakage into the electronic inner workings which is simply not safe.  We did try… the safety assessors were not happy about it and said the Sonic Wave would not pass inspection.  So, we unfortunately had to settle for recyclable plastic. I don’t want to be electrocuting you all, all in the name of good sustainable dental health.

With all product development there’s give and take and with the Sonic Wave, this was ours. I’ve taken all comments on board though and am now very careful with my wording. I always take comments on board even if they upset or worry me, we are working to bring products to you after all and if you say it’s an issue because of such and such, perhaps it is. Not always but when I’m working predominantly on my own in my Organically Epic world sometimes I need an outsider to give me a kick up the bum.

There is no perfect when it comes to trying to be a sustainable and ethical brand.  There will always be something that we can do better which is what we are trying to achieve, if we were all things to all people then we literally wouldn’t have anything to work towards right?

What we can offer you? products that have longevity, products that are as sustainable as possible, lowering their carbon foot print whilst also being extremely good for your dental health.

The Sonic Wave in particular boasts these points;

  1. Longevity.  It should last you upwards of 5 years.
  2. One year warranty as standard.
  3. X3 bamboo heads
  4. The bamboo heads are made of FSC Certified bamboo, they are infused with Japanese binchotan charcoal and have a corn starch inner that holds onto the pin of the SW handle.
  5. Long life battery – up to 6 weeks plus of brushing based on 2 times per day at 2 minutes per day.
  6. Two minute brushing timer.  The SW will pulsate every 30 seconds to remind you to brush another area of your mouth.
  7. Five brushing modes as standard.  These modes also have a soft, medium and firm mode within their setting as well.
  8. Cute USB charging point with a rose gold wire.
  9. Extensive info on the brush in the userguide.
  10. Reusable cardboard packaging with a cornstarch inner.

I mean this is pretty good right?

In an ideal world we would all be able to use manual brushes that could just be whacked in the compost to degrade and go back to the feeding the earth, however, some of us need an electric toothbrush due to dental decay, staining that simply won’t shift, gum disease, gingivitis, periodontal disease, receding gums… the list goes on and on.

A manual toothbrush simply won’t cut it.

You know, I’ve always been blessed with good teeth, this made me think that brushing alone was ok.  Oh how wrong I was.  Prevention is always better than a cure and I was not preventing anything.

Launching our manual toothbrush in 2018 really did maneuver us into the dental realm quickly.  I’ve learnt so much about dental health and care that I have realised one size does not fit all.  Manual brushes are great for so many and many won’t feel the need to move onto an electric toothbrush. But some, like the many of you emailing and DMing asking for an electric brush, need a bit more.

The Sonic Wave truly is the most sustainable electric toothbrush on the market.  From it’s super long charge time to the bamboo heads you’ve all come to know and love, the detail’s are what I strive for.  I mean where else are you going to get a rose gold USB lead just because I wanted to make it a bit more fancy?

Is it perfect, hell no, nothing is.  New technologies are being launched every day and improvements will be made when they can be.

Our customers are loving the dental benefits that the Sonic Wave is providing as well.  Many are saying it’s better than any other electric toothbrush they’ve used!  Which is the best praise I could have hoped for. Check out our reviews on trust pilot.

It’s living up to the hype and I’m here for it.  After a pretty shoddy 2020 and a very confusing, stressful 2021 (can you believe we are halfway through the year) the Sonic Wave is starting to make its mark.

Have you bought yours yet? You’ll love it, I promise 😊

Thanks for reading team,

Jayne x

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