How to cook and eat Consciously. For you and for the Earth. Claire Brooks, founder of Conscious Kitchen.

Hi I am Claire Brooks the founder of Conscious Kitchen (CK), I originally qualified as a dietitian, however after working in the NHS I didn’t like what I saw and therefore changed my career direction down the more natural route.    

I have always worked alongside studying but felt quite lost once I graduated, I knew I wanted to help people and use food and natural sources to do so as opposed to medicine.  On one of the diplomas I carried out I met a chef whom specialised in Gluten Free and sugar free food and at the time I was mainly plant-based too, there wasn’t really anywhere to go and eat nice food and socialise. Hence, Conscious Kitchen was born.   

I had an idea to create a hub of health based around plant-based food and fermentation – with the main focus on gut-health.  A year went by and unfortunately the business partnership did not work and he left nearly a year ago, I closed for 6 months and and reopened in the summer of 2017 with a team of wonderful women.

I’m not going to lie it has been really difficult finding a balance with work and home life.  Although I am on my own with my daughter (Boudicea aged 7) her father has been very supportive and I can truly say I would not have got this far without his support.  I involve Bou as much as possible, we do children’s cookery classes which have been a success and allow her to get involved in what mummy does as well as having fun.  Children are our future and with the statistics of Autism, ADHD, chronic disease and obesity soaring the future could look rather bleak.  I would love to put some workshops on around these areas and for pre and post natal mums too.

We are called Conscious Kitchen and we are exactly that, we care for mother earth and all that is being.  Hence the reason we are plant-based, we use biodegradable packaging, recycle and hand our compost over to the local allotments.  Unfortunately these days, a decent wage is required to have the freedom that most of us desire.  Therefore, I am motivated to get the best out of life and fulfil my passion for learning and sharing, the aim is to help as many people as I can along the way by providing a place and a service to educate, support and raise awareness.  

At CK we offer a variety of services, these range from tasty plant-based food to meal and juices plans or full on cleanses (Bowel, kidney and liver) for health optimisation.  We also hold a number of workshops and cooking classes.  

From a naturopathic perspective it is beneficial to carry out cleanses a couple of times a year, preferably at the change of seasons, so spring and autumn to begin with.  This can be carried out with food, drinks and herbal concoctions as well as supporting the immune system and lymphatic to expel the toxins that are broken down.  We run workshops educating you to carry it out in your own home or we can provide what is necessary.  I believe this is a nische market but with a concept that is most definitely needed and is being well received.


Some tasty Energy balls – great for post work out or a cheeky dessert.

150g oats
2 tbspn seeds sesame/hemp
1 tbspn nut butter (cashew/peanut/almond, sugar free)
150g dates (If dry, s)
100g dairy free dark choc/cacao
2 tspns of greens powder


Soak the dates and then blend them for a couple of minutes until they are of a paste like consistency, then add all other ingredients and pulse foe 1 minute until all ingredients are combined, 

Roll into 1″ balls, this should make 10-15 balls. 

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