How to use a tongue cleaner

So you want a more natural dental routine that helps reduce bad breath and get rid of the tongue fluff??? well our tongue cleaner is for you!

Often called a tongue scraper it can evoke feelings of a blade going against your tongue, however, the edge of our tongue cleaner has a flat end whilst also being small enough to ‘scrape’ off debris and dead skin.

Why use a tongue cleaner?

Did you know that our tongue is often forgotten yet it is host to dead skin, bacteria and food debris. This build up can cause bad breath and a thin white formation of gunk on our tongues that can be pretty uncomfortable. Our tongues should be a nice shade of pink, much like our gums. A tongue cleaner will remove dead skin cells, bacteria and debris naturally and softly allowing your mouth to be ready for your toothbrush and toothpaste.

How to use a tongue cleaner

  1. Hold the stainless steel tongue cleaner with your hands softly on each handle.
  2. Push the tongue cleaner as far back on your tongue as you can – if you gag move it forward a little so it’s not uncomfortable.
  3. With soft pressure sweep the tongue cleaner along the tongue from the back to the tip of the tongue up to 10 times.
  4. Clean the tongue cleaner with warm water and soap if needed.
  5. Start the rest of your dental routine.

It’s as easy as that but it’ll be one of the most beneficial and game changing points to your dental routine. It’s also super satisfying to see the gunk coming off the tongue and feeling the difference throughout your day.

It’s best to tongue clean in the morning and evening as part of your dental routine.

Please note that if you have any concerns about your tongue such as skin shedding, black tongue or a painful tongue please see your doctor. The can be sypmtoms of an underlying health issue such as anemia, cardic issues and excess acid in the body

*Dental care is health care*

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