Ingredient Focus – Activated Charcoal

Organically Epic are known for our love of activated charcoal. Its infused in our adult manual toothbrushes and we have Japanese Binchotan Charcoal infused with our electric toothbrush bamboo heads so it makes sense that we would also use it’s brightening power in our toothpaste.

Charcoal was used Ancient Egypt, India in Ayurvedic medicine and in traditional Chinese medicine. It was mixed with other ingredients to make a paste for the teeth.

Charcoal has in recent years again become a popular ingredient to use in toothpaste due to its ability to effectively remove surface stains and improve overall dental hygiene. Activated charcoal, which is the form of charcoal commonly used in toothpaste, is produced by heating carbon-rich materials like wood, coconut shells, or bamboo at high temperatures with a gas or chemical that activates it.

When used in toothpaste, activated charcoal has several benefits. Firstly, its slightly abrasive texture helps to remove surface stains and plaque from teeth, leaving them looking brighter and cleaner. Additionally, activated charcoal has antibacterial properties that help to kill harmful bacteria in the mouth, which can help to prevent bad breath and gum disease. It has also believed to have absorbent properties that can bind stains and toxins of the teeth, removing them via brushing and afterwards tongue cleaning to leave a perfectly working microbiome in it’s wake.

It’s important to note that while charcoal toothpaste can be effective at removing surface stains, it can be abrasive when used alone on the teeth or in higher concentrations in a paste than when recommended. We do not recommend tooth powders here at Organically Epic as they can damage tooth enamel, making them more susceptible to staining and dental pain.

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