Is flossing really linked to helping fight diabetes and heart disease?

Did you know only 31% of Brits floss their teeth every day?

Why aren’t more of us doing it?

Time.  It’s a faff right? plus it can hurt, and the bleeding?  It’s more hassle than it’s worth.

When the recommendation from dentists, hygienists and other health professionals is to floss every day to fight gingivitis, reduce harmful bacteria, prevent cavities and massage the gums we should really be doing it every. single. day.

Yep, sorry to break it to you, it really is an essential part of our dental routine.  Some studies also suggest that as well as brushing your teeth and cleansing your tongue, it can help fight cardiovascular disease.

Crazy right?

But it makes sense when you look at the research.  According to studies by BHF Funded Professor Jerry Linden patients with moderate to severe gum disease, had a 69% higher risk in developing type 2 diabetes, increasing their risk of developing heart and circulatory disease.

So the research suggests that a complete regular dental routine is needed.  Not just in the morning or just in the evening, but both or a combination.  With teeth cleaning being done between meals when possible as well.

Don’t take our word for it, click here for the British Heart Foundations nifty you tube vid on the matter.

It’s a faff that’s worth the effort if you ask us.  We’ve made it even easier for you as well, for your gums, teeth and the environment.

Our vegan charcoal dental floss not only flosses between your teeth as any other floss would but it is softer and kinder to the gums, stronger than conventional floss and it is made of charcoal fiber.  Charcoal has amazing antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities to truly get your teeth fresh and clean.

Our floss also comes in a chic glass bottle that can be refilled with our floss refills.  So once you’ve used up your floss, you can refill it as needed.   Our refill packs include two floss bundles at 40 metres each.  

Good for your overall health as well as oral health, not to mention good for the planet and you wallet.

All this from one little bottle of floss.

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Jayne and the Team x

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