Is Tongue Scraping The Key To Fresh Breath?

You know we love a tongue scraper! but did you know that tongue scraping and cleaning is set to be one of the top 10 trends in health care in 2023?

We are now 3 weeks in and the predictions have come thick and fast for 2023 but one that is cropping up continually in the larger media outlets (The Sun et al) is talk about tongue cleaning, tongue health and dental care as healthcare! Hurrah! finally dental care is getting the recognition it deserves!

Our tongue can be the key to early detection of all manner of ills, from gut health to nutritional deficiencies to cancers and even stress. So noticing what is going on with your tongue is important with regard to our overall dental health.

Tongue cleaning will not only freshen breath by getting rid of debris, dead skin cells and bacteria it will have you noticing event the smallest thing when it comes to how it looks and feels.

Cleansing your tongue with a tongue cleaner/scraper need not be a worry or concern. I know they look like medieval torture devices but they really are a super easy to use nifty bit of kit. The more you use them the more you will get used to them.

They are easier and better for your health than a brush as well, be that your toothbrush or another separate one. The bristles will harbour dead skin cells and it will push in any bacteria, dead skin or debris onto your tongue and you will swallow it thus potentially upsetting the microbiome of the gut.

When you purchase our tongue cleaner you get two in a pack too! pretty great right?

Happy tongue cleansing peeps, it’s the best thing for tongue health 🙂

Jayne x

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