is fluoride really that dangerous?

I posted something on social media today that’s created a discussion around how often people clean their teeth and the percentage of the UK population who do not floss.  A pretty simple topic right?

However, someone has commented on fluoride on the post.  Random as this was not the topic of the post but that’s the thing with social media, you never know what people on the internet are going to say 😊

The commenter said that fluoride was a poison.  They’ve said it’s a lie that it’s good for our teeth and said that people should not be using fluoride toothpaste.

Yikes right?

Well… firstly, whilst I completely appreciate what they and many many others globally are saying, I do not agree.  After all the time I’ve spent building Organically Epic into a fully fledged dental brand I’ve flitted from thinking that fluoride is not good for our health to eventually realising that the truth is not as simple as ingredient BAD or ingredient GOOD.

Fluoride has been linked to so many health issues over the years. From thyroid dysfunction and reproductive issues to conditions effecting the joints and bones as well as cardiovascular problems and neurological issues.

Terrifying right? Its no wonder many prefer to use fluoride free toothpastes and believe it’s out to get us.

It’s turned into a controversial ingredient in recent years when really, as we all know, it’s the percentage that makes the poison.  Anything can harm us in the incorrect percentage.

The potential danger posed from fluoride is not easy to quantify.  I mean if we drink too much water we can die from it and many are happy to drink alcohol which is a grade 1 carcinogen. I hold no grudge against alcohol drinkers, I like the odd tipple myself, this was just noted for perspective.

Whilst adding fluoride to water supplies is the norm in many it’s only become more a recent thing in some counties in the UK and there’s also no denying that we are in the UK are not known for looking after our teeth, although we are getting better at it.

There is no scientific evidence that supports the worries linked to fluoride, at least not in the percentages that we take in.  There are studies linking it to thyroid issues, fluorosis of the teeth and bones as well as cancer (double yikes but again, it’s all to do with overload, super super high percentages that we are never going to intake into our bodies)

That said fluoride is also a natural compound in soil, some foods and in some waters. So the percentages we take into our bodies can be hard to quantify.

I’ve mentioned above that to cause cancer the percentage would have to be super high and is nearly impossible to take in.  That said, fluroisis of the bones and teeth is a thing, it’s not super common but it does happen. Problems with thyroid issues, absolutely happens. If you’ve got a thyroid issue that you’re trying to control perhaps speak to your doctor about potential problems with fluoride.

Whilst there are other ingredients that do a similar things they are very expensive and rarely used.  From what I can see many other natural brands are using ingredients that are great, fab actually they’ll clean the teeth and give you fresh breath but what about the issues that you don’t know about until it’s too late? They don’t seem to account for that. Prevention is better than the cure after all.

As adults we have the option of looking after our teeth to the fullest extent, using floss, tongue cleaners, interdentals, mouth washes, oil pulling mouthwashes, natural toothpastes that have ingredients that protect against cavities, gum disease and dental breakdown…. Aka something like ours 😉 perhaps, with all the other remineralising ingredients we have access to do not need toothpaste with fluoride.

Children on the other hand, they can’t floss until 12 and there’s no way they’re looking after their dental health like an adult, even with adult supervision.  Have you ever tried to get a 4 year old to clean their teeth?  So my advice on this would be to use fluoride toothpaste for your children.  The fluoride percentages in children’s toothpaste is super low to account for them probably swallowing it. But it’ll make all the difference when combating dental decay in children.  Did you know that almost 9 out of 10 hospital tooth extractions among children aged 0 to 5 are due to preventable tooth decay and tooth extraction is still the most common procedure in 6 to 10 year olds according to the PHE data up to 2019.  I think you can agree that this is a statistic that should not be.

My over all thoughts are:

When our dental health is intrinsically linked to our overall health, fluoride is still much needed in many circumstances.  It’s down to personal preference and how we manage our dental health – we need to make sure our dental health is still looked after, very much so, in the absence of fluoride. We will need to try a bit harder than just brushing our teeth.

If in doubt talk to a medical professional.  Dentists are not complimentary when you say you would rather not use fluoride but there are Dentists out there who are starting to get that fluoride isn’t the be all and end all in some situations.

Our Brightening Antioxidant Toothpaste has been made with you in mind, to give you another fluoride free option but one that will help fight and prevent cavities, gum disease, freshen breath and brighten teeth. 

The choice is yours, just make sure you’re keeping your dental and oral health, and that of your family, in tip top condition.

Happy brushing!

Jayne x

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