It’s that time of year again….. Halloween!

It feels like just yesterday that I was blogging about Halloween 2019 giving you tips on how to make sure your children can have fun, eat sweets and not leave themselves open to tooth decay!

Halloween is the time of year where we all let our little one’s go a bit sugar crazy… not least because it’s during half term and we’ve all had enough of trying to regulate their requests for the sweet stuff but also, the exposure to sweets on Halloween is off the chart wild!

We’ve all heard the whine ‘but so and so has them so why can’t I!!!!’ that can turn even the calmest parent into a shrieking mess.  Channeling our own inner Halloween…..

I’d like to say that not much has changed in my advice, however 2020 has seen everything change on a global scale.  This year many of us are in tiered lock down, rules and regulations so this year will be very different for our little ones indeed.

I’m sure though that many of us will still be letting our little one’s dress up, eat sweets and perhaps trick or treat, socially distanced and not accepting sweets or perhaps just walk the streets looking for decorated houses. 

Whatever you’re doing, make sure you look after your childs teeth by following these easy peasy steps.

1.  DO NOT let your child go to sleep without cleaning their teeth.

2. Make sure that you wait 20 mins+ after they’ve had their least sweet or piece of food before brushing.

3. Between sweets or snacks make sure you allow your child to have a drink of water to wash the sugary bits away from the mouth.

4. Clean your teeth with them and show them how to its done.  They love emulate us and this helps when it comes to cleaning teeth.

5. If they are old enough, you can introduce them to flossing, tongue cleaners, oil pulling and mouth washes.

It’s all about the PH. 

Too much acidity will break down the enable and cause tooth decay.  Sugary foods cause acidity. 

We need to keep our saliva at a neutral and slightly alkaline PH of around 7.  If saliva is more alkaline it has shown to be able to remineralise and protect the teeth.

With 25% of children in the UK suffering from tooth decay, make sure that your little one isn’t one of them.

Have fun this Halloween, whatever you’re doing!

Also…..If you’re a Witch looking for a new coven, we are always open to new members 🙂

Jayne xx

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