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New Year new problems? 2020 was a wild ride, 2021 is shaping up to be quite the wtf year too.

New year new problems….

Or just old one’s rearing their head.  Thanks Covid… and our government, because I think we can all agree this pandemic has not been handled as it should have been by those in charge.

With the UK in another National Lockdown it’s made me want to get into bed and not come out again until it’s all over.  I jest, slightly, I couldn’t spend so long in my bed.. I’d get hungry and need to pee.  Plus my children would make sure I couldn’t spend longer than they deem necessary in bed. 

But the want is there. 

To hibernate until we could safely lift our heads out into the real world.  But, as much as we can’t see it sometimes.  Life still goes on and it’s pretty damn wonderful.

Children still need our love and support, so much more so with home schooling and helping them understand what is going on in their worlds.  We still need to work, from home or from a fixed space.  We still need to support our families, even if that is just via zoom, video calls, voice notes and texts.  Food still needs to be bought.  We still need our Netflix fixes.  Washing still needs to be done and in all that, we still need to find the joy, and there is still so much to be had.

We may be stuck in our homes but we aren’t stuck.  Far from it.  Forever moving forward, evolving and changing.  Such is the wonderful human condition.

There’s so much going on that is confusing, upsetting and downright terrifying but the good, the love, the support, the good news, the recoveries, the success stories, they’re all there too.  The world isn’t just about Covid and conflict. 

I’m not saying shut yourself down from the doom and gloom, I’m a big believer in being aware of EVERYTHING that’s going on but if it’s causing you pain or upset, shut it down for a while.  Take time for yourself, spend time reading the good stuff, working out what it is that you really want to happen this year and make it so. 

2020 was the year that nearly was for me at Organically Epic.  It was the year when I was meant to level up the business with products, investment, growth.  But unfortunately it was not to be and that hurt my heart so much.  I was devastated.  But, I learnt to so much about myself and those around me.  I pivoted the business nearly every week with every new announcement.  It was hard at first but now it’s become second nature.  Not working? Pivot, make it work, and so on.  With most of our business being through our stockists that part of the business was at an all time low in 2020 due to the lockdown and most of our stockists being unable to open.  So, it was time to work on our website that was long long overdue.

Facebook ads, a website rebuild and an overhaul of our warehouse procedures happened,  staff working from home and a staff member leaving happened.

Sadly one of our team members who had been with us since our inception had some health issues and needed to take some time in another role from home so we had to say farewell but not goodbye.

Some days were full steam ahead and others were just get it done days with a sob at the end.  So many highs and so many lows.

So much change.  Not to mention the change in our personal lives too.  Homeschooling partners at home, family members vulnerable.  Children not understanding why they couldn’t see their friends or other family members.  It was a lot.

But we did it.  You did it too.  Without your support, without your conversations we couldn’t have gotten this far with Organically Epic and I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart.

2021 hasn’t gotten off to the start we’d hoped.  A strict lockdown and with the news last night about white supremacists storming the White House it’s no doubt we are all thinking wtf and what now?

But the what now is down to us.  Every single individual.  Support our loved ones, say no to misinformation and trust the science.  Love yourself and be kind to yourself, we are all just trying to get through it one day, one week, one month at a time.

The light will come, we will be able to hug our friends and family again.  We just need to do this now to keep people safe and protect the NHS.  Take hope in the clever clever scientist who have given us the vaccine. 

This year is going to be the year I grow the business, launch our new product and reach more of you than before with my mission to give you good natural dental health.  My words for this year are growth, evolve and confidence.  Do you have words or resolutions for this year? I’d love to hear them.

Stay safe, stay well and again, thank you so much for your support.

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