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As we are bombarded with new year new you emails, social media posts and adverts everywhere we turn it’s worth remembering, you’re already shit hot mate. You may not feel it but you are.

We are conditioned to welcome the new year with resolutions, goals and moving forward hype. Some of it works for us individually, some of it doesn’t and it’s worth remembering, everything you see in these adverts and on social media, it’s not real. It’s marketing.

If you wanna start the year with something new, by all means do it, but remember you can do that at any point of the year… that said, I feel pretty pumped (yes I said pumped) as we are moving into 2022.

I love a good goal. Working towards something that is potentially achievable in the future and I love to tick off a list. Resolutions though, they don’t work for me. I set goals throughout the year so when it comes to January 1st, I often feel like I don’t need to set any.

I did this year though. 2021 was different, business changing so to speak, so I’m hoping to make more serious changes in 2022 that benefit OE and me, obvs.

As I get older personally and as Organically Epic grows year on year, I like to reflect on what’s gone right and sadly, what’s gone wrong. And I’ll tell you a secret…. many many things go wrong. All. The. Time.

It’s not all sunshine and lollypops. I mean we live in the UK and sugar is bad for your teeth so…..

So my reflection and goals not only encompasses what I want to do in 2022, it takes into account the things I definitely don’t want to do as well.

My word for the year is Growth. I know, standard right, it refers to growth of OE and growth of myself. The more I get into my 40’s the more I’m learning so much about myself and the world around me. It’s liberating really.

I have a few other words that I’m focusing on as well, excitement, adventure & support.

Last year I spent so much time at home. A knock on effect of lock downs I think (this isn’t a post about covid, I’m very much fearful of it and it’s many effects so please don’t think I’m making light of it) that has also effected my children greatly. This year, even if it’s just a walk round the block in the pouring rain, I’ve made a family goal to get out of the house each day for fresh air. The kids are at school and have various clubs they do so I’m really only having to commit fully to 2 days a week of outdoors activity, however, as the lighter nights start taking over the dark I’m also trying to incorporate that to evenings after school, as long as my daughters are a. not ill. b. not too tired after a day of learning. We are very lucky to have a garden so that is going to be heavily utililsed as well.

That’s my main family goal.

Organically Epic goals are much the same all year round. To grow in sales, help more people achieve good dental care whilst also being kind to the earth. But this year I’d like to grow my team. I have two amazing women who work for me every month on a consultancy basis, Blue Cactus Digital and Camilla Bevington Marketing. Both are wonderful and very much needed, however, after having a sales team dwindle in the past couple of years to 0 I am in desperate need of growing my team internally. I may also need to move premises and grow the team in other areas too.

Hence why the word Growth means so much to me this year.

What I’m trying to say in a very long winded way is, if you do resolutions and goals that’s great, just remember that all the external noise from others doesn’t dictate what you want or how you want to grow and achieve in 2022 or if you want that at all. Afterall, as I’ve said above, you’re pretty blood great anyway.

Jayne x

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