NHS Dental crisis causing a two tier system

With prices rising everywhere in the UK and the government gas lighting us all with their eat for 30p and just manage your finances better rhetoric it’s little wonder we are all in a bit of a panic.

Something that has been creeping up on us for some time now is not only the cost of going to the dentist but the postcode lottery that we are subjected to with regard to being able to see an NHS dentist at all.

I was not aware until quite recently that in some towns and cities throughout the UK there are no spaces for new patients at NHS dentists or no NHS dentist at all.

Absolutely wild that NHS dentists are not contained within the overall NHS Health care system. Dental care is Health care afterall.

Some of our customers have to make 2 hour+ round trips just to see a dentist at all and some can’t even get in to see one. You can go private of course but this is where the two tier system comes into play.

Everyone deserves good dental care at a low cost or no cost at all. It shouldn’t be that there are the haves and have nots when it come to health and dental care.

Due to Brexit and Covid we are 1000 dentists down in the UK.
9 in 10 NHS dentists are not admitting new patients.
2 million people are waiting to register with a dentist – I think this amount is much higher…
With some dentists saying ‘we turn 20 people away a day’

Families are being left to perform DYI ‘fixes’ to combat the pain, this includes children. This is so upsetting right?

We may think that this is small fry compared to rising oil and gas prices, rising food prices etc, and perhaps as a whole it is. However, dental care is completely about our health. Poor dental health can cause kidney disease, diabetes issues, cardiovascular disease, issues with pregnancy, endocarditis, respiratory infections, dementia and cancer.

All scary stuff but preventable with good oral care and regular dental check ups, carrying out dental work if need be.

I wish the government would invest in our health care systems as whole and our dental care system needs a complete overhaul.

Our hands as a super small business are tied on this front so it’s so frustrating to see this being played out in the media yet not being heard in government.

With your at home dental care, in order to keep dental issues at bay we recommend following a 3 or even 4 step dental routine. Tongue cleanse, floss, clean your teeth with a manual or electric toothbrush. Follow with either mouthwash (preferrably one that doesn’t contain alcohol) or our personal fav, an oil pulling treatment. You can use just pure coconut oil, olive oil or sesame seed oil. Of course I’d love for you to purchase our products to do so but appreciate that is not possible for everyone. I would prefer it if you had good dental health and did not have any dental pain so any product that works for you is good.

If you did want to purchase our organic dental care I would recommend the following;

  1. Our tongue cleaner to start.
  2. Then floss with our charcoal vegan floss.
  3. Use either our manual charcoal toothbrush or electric toothbrush with our Brightening antioxidant toothpaste.
  4. You can get all 4 of these with a 15% discount here.

Make sure you’re cleaning your teeth at least twice a day and for at least 2 minutes a time.

Look after your dental health as much as you can peeps, you’ll never know when your dentist can be booked and as things are going, it becoming increasingly more difficult to get an appointment if you’re one of the lucky ones already registered.

Jayne x

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