Our top 5 tips for the best oral health during covid lock down

How are you?

How’s your lockdown look going?  Mine is heavy on the roots and just a slightly manic eye twitch…. but it’s all good.

I hope you’re managing to get your essentials, stretch your legs and are keeping healthy.

This week’s been a weird one, I’ve been up and down really.  I think it’s the first week that I’ve felt truly out of sorts.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally fine and am staying home with my family to keep us and others safe, I just miss the normal things.

Popping to a cafe for coffee, a nod and hello to the owner.  Nipping into a shop for ‘bits’ without worrying about people being too close.  Going for an adventure with my little family without giving people the side eye because they look like they don’t live together so why are they walking together.  You know, the strange feeling you get when you’re judging people on who they’re with in lock down. 

I’m not a fan of that feeling.  It makes me feel a bit icky.

This is but a moment in time we are living through.  A very important and frightening time but just a moment nonetheless.  Or that’s what I keep reminding myself anyway.

Are you finding, like me, that you’re neglecting yourself slightly?  Some days I barely get dressed and I’m not going to lie, when I was poorly, there were some days I didn’t shower or follow that all important dental routine that I bang on about so much.  It didn’t leave me feeling too great let me tell you!

So, a good dental routine and not to mention skincare routine, break outs and dry skin anyone? is imperative during lock down.  Not only to make you feel at your best to tackle the day but also for your overall oral health.  

So, what should you be doing??  Here are our top 5 tips on keeping your dental and oral health in tip top condition during lock down. 

1.  Brush your teeth twice a day, not once because you can’t be bothered and what’s the point, twice.  At least – even skipping this for a few days will effect the health of your teeth and gums.

2.  Floss before brushing at least once a day.  I find that before bed is best – it only takes a couple of minutes.  Or if you shower, floss in the shower, you’ll get extra relaxing time 🙂

3.  This is a hard one, and if you slip up, I won’t tell anyone 😉  fight the need to binge on sugary or processed foods.  If you do, rinse with water straight after and brush your teeth 45 minutes after (if you do it straight away you’ll be brushing the sugar into your teeth which isn’t good).

4.  Be kind to your oral microbiome (stop it you filthy thing….) by steering clear of any dental product that say’s it is antibacterial.  You hear a lot about the microbiome of the skin but the mouth also has a super sensitive microbiome that when upset, can lead to cavities, sore gums, gingivitis and worse!   Antibacterial dental products can upset the delicate balance of PH in your mouth buy killing all bacteria, good and bad.  We don’t want any killing of the good stuff so avoid avoid avoid antibac dental products please.  They can make your dental health much much worse.

5.  With all of the above, I cannot stress enough how important it is to follow a routine of flossclean, tongue scrap/cleanse (with our stainless steel tongue cleanser of course) and oil pull if you can.  I use coconut oil at the moment.  Use a spoonful and swish around your mouth like a mouthwash.  It sounds a bit bleurgh but it’s actually quite nice.  I swear by it to banish bad breath!

I hope that’s helped, don’t forget that when you order over £10 worth of products on our website you’ll get a FREE Adult toothbrush of your choice.  Just add it when you are shopping and at check out, if you qualify, it’ll take the cost of the toothbrush off of the balance.

Just a little way for us to give back to you at this difficult time.

Stay sane, stay safe x

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