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We are a small Organic and Natural Product Distributor based in Essex in the South East of England.  Founded in early 2015, business owners and Directors, Jayne Clark-Denyer and Karon Robertson, a daughter and mother duo wanted to bring something a bit different to the UK Organic Market.

When Jayne gave up working in Finance in London after 15 years to have her first child, she started working alongside her mother, Karon, for Karon’s successful Marketing business, Epic Marketing in 2012.  After having her child, Jayne became bombarded with information on what you needed and what you should use on your childs sensitive skin.  She quickly discovered that many of the so called ‘Natural’ Brands were anything but.  Jayne began looking at ingredients, researching their side effects and was concerned with what she found. Jayne then quickly overhauled the products that she had been using on her childs delicate skin as well as her own.  Jayne firmly believed, and still does, that the Organic and Natural beauty market in the UK, whilst booming and extremely competitive, was missing clarity and purity in some areas.  Because of this Organic products, their uses and effectiveness are often misunderstood in the UK.

Jayne & Karon began researching the global market and noticed that some Countries in the EU were seemingly light years ahead of the UK.  They decided that they would focus on product ranges that were as pure as possible, certified if possible and not readily available in the UK.   With this in mind Organically Epic was started with Eco by Sonya’s tanning and body care in 2015 as their first, premium range, joined shortly after in early 2016 by PearlBar’s planet loving dental care and now, in 2017, joined by Karethic’s shea based skincare & body care range and BARR Swedens gorgeous body and facial oils, then recently, Sosar Skincare.

Organically Epic now has a small sales team who are as passionate about the business as Jayne and Karon are.  We hope to grow, ‘organically’ adding products to our portfolio as time goes on and the business grows, allowing us to offer truly unique, natural & organic experience for wholesalers and consumers from brands that are as pure as they say they are.

We are proud that our Karethic, BARR Sweden, PearlBar and Eco by Sonya ranges are now all officially award winning in the UK.  A credit to our teams efforts and it shows how closely and respectfully we work with each brand on their reach within the UK.  Fingers crossed, Sosar is soon to join the Award winning ranks too!

Watch this space, we are a small business with big ideas!!! :)

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