BARR Sweden FAQs

What is Snow Oil

The Snow Oil is an oil that has extra hydration for skins that needs a bit of TLC.  Be it in the Winter or Summer months, our Snow Oil is perfect at locking in much needed moisture.

It is multi award winning, having taken home awards from Pure Beauty, The Beauty Shortlist and The Beauty Shortlist Mother and Baby Awards.

The Snow oil can also be used as a cleanser as part of the Oil Cleansing Method.

What does BARR mean

Barr means Pine.  Inspired by Swedish Nature and taking it's name literally from the Swedish Forests in central Sweden.  The aim of the BARR Sweden founders is to bring a bit of nature into your homes and allowing it to nourish your family's skin.

What makes BARR Sweden better than other oils

Well, that's a tough one.  There's something out there for everyone and room for everyone so really, it tends to come down to personal preference.  However, we believe that BARR Sweden are unrivaled in their efficacy, achievable price point and superior packaging.

The products have been formulated, packaged and marketed very very carefully by the BARR Sweden team.  So much thought has gone into the formulations as well as the attention to detail with regard to their packaging.  They try to be as sustainable as possible, as ethical as possible all while producing products that the consumer will relate to and want to buy.

The ingredients are simple yet effective.  They are easy to understand, yet they yeald results that other oils do not.  This is what we mean when we say clever formulation.  It's all about the percentage and matching the right ingredient with another that will enhance the experience and outcome.

What is your pregnancy oil for?

Our pregnancy oil is for any pregnant woman who wants to nourish their growing baby bump.  It's not just about stopped the dreaded stretch mark, it's also about improving skin elasticity so that your skin does not feel painful and is moisturised.  Organically, Naturally and ethically.  Only the best for your bump.

It can also be used all over the body for nourishment and moisturisation.

How do you use the baby oil?

Our baby oil is multi functional.  You can use it daily on your baby from day 1.  Use it as a massage oil, softly and sensitively.  Skin to skin massage on a baby is proven to release endorphins and oxytocin (the love hormone) allowing you to bond with baby, making them feels safe, relaxed.  Baby massage improves sleep, aids digestion and improves circulation.

You can also use our oil on cradle cap.  Just put a few drops in your baby's hair after a bath and allow it to soften the cradle cap.  Then in the morning or after a few hours, use a soft brush to loosen the flakes.  This isn't a quick fix but if you do this regularly, your babies cradle cap will be kept at bay, organically.  We've tried and tested this method ourselves on our babas.

You can also add a few drops to the bath to cleanse baby's skin prior to bedtime.

Our Baby oil  can even be used as a make up remover! win win right?

If you're looking for a baby massage class in the Essex area, check out Do it Like A Mother below for their baby massage courses.

Will your cellulite oil tone my skin and get rid of my cellulite?

In a word, no.  We aren't porky pie tellers here, however, what it will do is hydrate, smooth and plump, improving the appearance of cellulite and getting you half way there.

Did you know that up to 85% of women in the UK are affected by cellulite? me neither, I'm not sure who asked me that statistic and put me on the list.

Scientifically, cellulite cannot be cured, it can only be reduced through moisturisation and hydration - which is what our Cellulite oil does.  To enhance this you need a combination of using a product like ours alongside body brushing, drinking plenty of water and eating fresh fruit and veg (preferably organic ;)

Your Secret Forest Face oil is orange, will it stain my face?

Goodness no, what it will do is lift, tighten and give you a lovely glow.  This product is loved by our customers.  It's anti aging properties are amazing as well as the hydration and dewy glow that it leave your skin with.  Simply magical.

Why is the range not certified organic or vegan?

The founders of BARR Sweden have started the business on a budget and did not have the money to invest in certifications.   They have however made sure that all their ingredients are organic, locally sourced in Sweden and that their products adhere to vegan guild lines so that in the future, if they want to become certified in any way, they can apply.

Tell us about the packaging

The majority of BARR's products are in glass bottles with a recyclable plastic lid.  They source their packaging locally in Sweden and try to be as sustainable as possible with all avenues of the business.  Their newer, yet to be released products will be in recyclable plastic packaging.

If you have any other questions about our BARR Sweden Range that you would like answered please let me know.