We love receiving submissions from our customers. Email us at media@organicallyepic.uk with before and after photos! All of our photos are 100% authentic. We do not photoshop or edit results and want to uphold the integrity of our company by delivering and showing our customers that our products work!

Certified Organic Rich Honey

Our Certified Organic Rich Honey spray tans is a long lasting, nourishing and extremely hydrating spray tan that will last up to 7-10 days. It has no orange dye and nothing synthetic which means you will NOT go orange but a beautiful bronze as our colour is derived from cacao and red grapes.

Certified Organic Winter Skin

Recommended for people with fair to medium skin tones our Certified Organic Winter Skin is a gradual tanner moisturiser. With the most beautiful fragrance, use 2-3 times a week to build to a honey glow or to enhance a tan.

Certified Organic Invisible Tan

Recommended for people with medium to olive skin tones our Certified Organic Invisible Tan is a one application tan that goes on as an invisible creme. We recommend applying at night after a warm shower, using it sparingly on your elbows, wrists and ankles and remember to wash your hands after application. It doesn't stain clothing or sheets- so have a peaceful nights sleeping knowing you'll wake up beautifully bronzed!

Certified Organic Coconut Body Milk

Our range of body care products are all Certified Organic, vegan, choose cruelty free and certified toxic free. This means that all the properties and ingredients that we include are all natural and designed to give you the most nourishing products. Our Certified Organic Coconut Body Milk has been used to aid various skin conditions and the results have been amazing!