Karethic FAQs

Aren't Karethic just the same as every other shea brand?

No, they are very very different.  Firstly, they are two things in one.  On one hand they produce amazing shea based products for your face, hair and body, whilst on the other they are also working with their shea women producers in Benin, giving them a wage, certified by Fair Trade, training them, offering them employement, offering their families employment and also giving back to those communities.  They employ coops, they don't just take the ingredient, sign something and run.  They give back through innovation and support.

Their products are quite different, whilst yes their main component is shea they also use the highest quality natural and organic ingredients alongside the shea ingredient to enhance the efficacy of all the ingredients.

They are multi award winning in the UK.

They are the first brand globally (yes you read this right) to harness the power of honey from the shea flower and include it in their Nectar of Youth skincare range.

They have hair oils, body oils, balms, targeted skincare as well as being all round amazing women lifting up and supporting everyone in their business from the postman to the shea producers.  No one is not appreciated.

What certifications do they have?

Karethic are certified organic by EcoCert.  They are certified vegan with their newer Nectar of Youth range being vegetarian due to the honey content.  They are certified Fair Trade and their shea ingredient is certified unrefined.  They are also certified cruelty free.

What packaging do they use?

They use recycled plastics, as well as recyclable plastics and glass.  Their cardboard packaging that some of the products come in is compostable and biodegradable.

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