Founder of Organically Epic our driving force, ideas maker and formulator.  Jayne’s entire world revolves around Organically Epic, from her purchasing choices to her love of sustainable packaging, when she says Organically Epic has changed her mindset she’s not kidding.  She’s often found buried in her desktop computer in our offices with her laptop open and on her phone answering social media messages

Jayne does everything from website design (working with a designer of course) and product R&D to online orders and speaking to our stockists, potential stockists and managing our social media. 

Her family and work life mix in tandem, with two young children it has to, and it’s not unusual to find her in the office with one or both of them when the need arises.

Jayne tries to get out of her comfort zone as much as possible, she’s not a natural public speaker when so when the opportunity arises, she can be found speaking at events about Conscious and Ethical Consumerism as well as being invited to speak at business events and taking part on panels. 

Jayne’s personal interests include researching organic and natural ingredients, sustainable packaging (you see, it is all linked, she’s obsessed I tell you!), and attending industry events.  She loves spending time in nature with her daughters, be it the beach, the woods or going to the park, you’ll often find her shouting ‘don’t do that, come back, get off there’ at her two, very energetic angels……

FUN FACT – A lover of horses Jayne spent most of her teens and 20’s at the stables with her horse.   Jayne also swam for her local club from an early age, spending Saturday evenings at gala’s until horse riding took over.  If there’s any opportunity to go swimming, she’s there!



Our organiser extraordinaire, if you don’t find her delving deep in our warehouse, frantically stock checking and making sure everything is in its correct place (she’s a bit particular this one) she’ll be on the phone taking orders from our stockists and charming potential customers.  Her ability to multi task and get the job done astounds us, nothing is too much and she does it with ease, professionally and with a smile (mostly😊)

She organises everything from our lottery syndicate (you’ve got to be in it to win it right?) to birthday celebrations, to making sure that every single order that goes out the door has been processed and fulfilled correctly.

In her spare time she loves a tv show and will often get us all involved with what she’s watched, what’s happened and what we should be watching!  She has the cleanest house you’ve ever seen and loves sharing her cleaning tips and hacks with us.  You’ll also never go hungry at Katies, she has a snacks cupboard like you wouldn’t believe!  She has a teenage son so needs to keep it fully stocked!

A meticulous planner in the office and at home, she even has a 4 week menu, yeah you read that right, a whole month organised of what she and her family are having each evening.  Astounding right?

Also, a lover of animals she could start her own petting zoo with the amount of animals she has or has had at home.

She loves nothing more than spending time with her family, helping people and opening her home to others if they are in need.  She’s one of lifes true gems this one.

FUN FACT – Katie is also a trained hairdresser and colourist so you’ll never find us with uncut hair at Organically Epic!  many an evening is spent at Katie's whilst she cuts or colours our hair..  But, she won’t do graduated bobs.  Just saying.  She also loves Christmas.  A little too much if you ask us.



Our happy go lucky, positive vibes team member.  Always open to new ideas and learning new things.   She loves speaking to her customers, chatting all things sustainable and spreading the Organically Epic message. 

She literally does a happy dance with every order placed!

Wanting to do everything right, making sure that all orders are perfect and customers are looked after to the best of her ability.

She’s our supporter and cheer leader often keeping things positive when things can be hectic.  Her smiley face, lights up the room and makes quite literally, everyone warm to her and want to be her buddy.

With two young boys Kate loves spending time with her family, taking pictures of family days out enjoying nature and sharing her knowledge on what it means to be eco with them.  She loves a party and spending time with her friends, she’s usually the one with the good stories on a Monday.

FUN FACT – She’s obsessed with Alice in Wonderland.  She just loves Alice.  There’s no real rhyme or reason to it.  She also shares Kate’s love of Christmas.  Which can be an issue, slightly, because there’s only one day that Christmas tunes should be on, and that’s on Christmas Day, not the 6 weeks leading up to it…