Sõsar’s goal is to produce high quality skin care products, made of the best natural ingredients from our beautiful Nordic nature

Our ingredients come from small local farmers and we prefer certified organic farms. While doing that we support the local community and small businesses so that they would be encouraged and motivated to use and promote organic farming principles now and in the future. We use the best plants, oils, honey products and other natural resources that are well known for their excellent cosmetic qualities. Our ecosystem is so well preserved that our wild herbs and plants are naturally pure and free of any chemicals.

In addition to that, our harsh Nordic nature hides magical energies, a little bit of which we have captured for you in our products. While making our products we believe in the saying „less is more“ and we do not compromise quality for price. We combine our ancestors’ ancient knowledge about the Nordic plants and their healing abilities with modern day science and technology.

To help you better understand the complicated world of cosmetics and skin care and for you to know exactly what each of your products contains, we have listed all the ingredients clearly and understandably to all our packages. We have also created the page for you to find additional information about their origins and cosmetic qualities. If you know exactly what you use on your skin, your body will thank you with a beautiful glowing complexion!

Peloid (Healing Mud)

Peloid, or commonly known as healing mud, was one of the first natural resources used thousands of years ago for health and cosmetic purposes. Peloid has played an important role in the local traditional medicines at the Mediterranean Sea as well as in the Nordic countries such as Norway and Sweden. Probably the most well-known peloid today is the Dead Sea Mud, which is used worldwide.  Yet, Estonian mud contains even wider variety of different active ingredients which are perfectly suited for weekly skin care, especially for people living in colder climates.

The first studies of Haapsalu mud, which is the mud used in Sõsar products, date back to the first half of the 19th century when Carl Abraham Hunnius discovered the healing abilities of the local sea mud. The studies of physical and chemical properties of the peloid have since been continued and improved.

Healing mud (peloid) is a special kind of mud, not just any mud found from the beach. To have healing abilities the mud should contain hydrogen sulphide, carbon saturated sea water, dissolved phosphor, carbon dioxide and ferric compounds, organic substances and silicates. What is even more important for the peloid to have healing abilities is the correct ratio of all substances.

The mud used in Sõsar products is excavated from the mineral deposit deep within Haapsalu gulf, where the scientist have confirmed to have all the useful substances and in the right ratio to have all the cosmetic and medical qualities of a healing mud.

Cosmetically as a face or a body mask, the healing mud is deep cleansing, moisturizing and acts as a gentle scrub. The microelements and minerals such as humin and fulvic acids improve blood circulation in your skin, which brings out toxins and accelerates the flow of oxygen and nutrients in the area. Hence, the mask rejuvenates cells and decelerates aging, it improves elasticity of the skin and gives a healthy glowing complexion.

Sosar cosmetic peat products

Cosmetic Peat

The study of cosmetic peat, healing mud and thermal springs is called balneology which researches the therapeutic and medical qualities of them. Peat’s balneologic effects have been studied and successfully used in Europe for over 200 years. The most important studies of peat have been conducted in Germany and Ukraine. There have also been numerous studies about peat’s active ingredient humin in Estonia and Belarus.  Estonian scientist Mall Orru from Estonian Geological Institute has studied the qualities of local peat for over ten years, a lot of data presented in this text is collected from her presentations and research projects.

Similarly to healing mud (peloid), not just any kind of peat is suitable for cosmetic and medical purposes. Only a certain layer, which lays deep underneath the bog lakes can be used. It is also important that the excavations would take place in an area with below minimum air pollution rates. In addition to that, the peat must contain a great deal of bioactive substances and fully decomposed microorganisms. The peat used in Sõsar products meets all these requirements and is excavated from a special mineral deposit which contains plenty of fulvic-, humic- and hymatomelanic acids.

The most important thing in cosmetic peat is the ratio of its humic substances. An interesting fact is that science has proven the humic substances to be different in peat and healing mud, yet their healing abilities are equally strong but just slightly different from each other. When absorbed through our skin, the humic substances improve our blood circulation and clean our organism of toxins and heavy metals. They also chemically combine different minerals, metals and vitamins making them bioactive. All that helps your organism restore its inner strength in order to bring your body into its best possible shape. The peat used in Sõsar products contains up to 60% of humic substances, while the Finnish peat only contains up to 20% of it.  Hence, we consider ourselves very lucky to have such valuable mineral resources in Estonia.

Peat mask works wonders for all skin types but is especially recommended in case of acne, couperose or when skin is either too dry or too oily, as it restores the natural balance of the skin. It also has rejuvenating effect on aging skin. Peat mask scrubs off dead cells, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It is good to use on thin and cracked skin, it cures infections and improves complexion. Cosmetic peat has not caused any allergic reactions and is suitable for the most sensitive and allergic skin types. Peat is great to be used as a hair mask as well, it accelerate hair growth, reduces hair loss (especially recommended for men) and helps cure dandruff.

In Sõsar skin care products we prefer Estonian peat, as our land has so many valuable resources to offer and is ecologically clean. In addition to that, the four seasons and the harsh climate makes our resources even more powerful.

sosar honey products

Honey and Other Honey Products

In Sõsar products we use local high quality honey and beeswax from Artisan Honey. Estonia, with its sparse population and rich ecosystem is a perfect place for beekeeping. As much as half of the country is covered with forests, which guarantees excellent natural conditions and hence the high quality and purity of Estonian honey.

In our harsh climate our nature preserves all that is valuable within to survive the cold winters, the Nordic honey is like incarnation of that magical strength.

The honey used in our products is from Pandivere, where the bees can feast on willow and dandelion in spring and clover, wild raspberry and fireweed in the summer.

The honey is packaged and processed with great care to preserve its bioactive qualities and with that the great healing abilities of honey.

Heating honey up to high temperatures makes it loose its natural ability to crystalize, yet it is the most important visual sign of its quality. There are not many types of honey that do not naturally crystalize within a few weeks. The widely spread cheap and runny honey in the supermarkets consists mostly of artificial sweeteners and do not have the healing abilities of natural honey.

Ancient Egiptians and Greeks claimed honey to be the food of Gods – the source of strength and energy, sweetness and remedy. Honeybees collect nectar from millions of flowers to produce just one kilogram of honey.


Sosar packaging


While choosing Sõsar packages we think of not only what is best for the person using our products but also for the environment surrounding us. Plastic packaging can contain harmful chemicals, which can contaminate the products and through that our bodies as well. Plastic packaging is also a major source of pollution in the world hence we have chosen to avoid using it in Sõsar packages.

Sõsar paper and cardboard packages are made by small local businesses.

The paper used in them has FSC certificate, by which we can guarantee that the forest where the trees for the paper are taken from is managed environmentally and financially sustainably and in a socially responsible way. All our boxes and containers used to transport our products or ingredients are reused and recycled.

Our glass packages are also recyclable and do not contain any harmful chemicals, which is guaranteed with the producers certificates. We have chosen European producers as opposed to the ones on the other side of the world, to reduce the carbon dioxide generated by transportation of the goods.