An essential for any house hold you can use them for anything from cleaning out your outer ear, putting make up or applying medical ointment.

FSC Certified Bamboo and organic cotton.

Sustainable cardboard.

Made of FSC Certified Bamboo and organic cotton. It’s that simple.

The entire cotton bud can be composted or recycled after use

The packaging can be composted, recycled or reused

Always check local recycling policies.

Conscious Cotton Buds

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Our Biodegradable Cotton Buds are a must-have for anyone committed to reducing plastic waste.

Made from sustainable materials, these cotton buds are completely compostable and designed to degrade naturally, minimising environmental impact.

Ideal for a variety of uses from cleaning ears to applying cosmetics, they offer a safe and effective alternative to traditional plastic swabs.

The soft cotton tips ensure comfort and precision, making them suitable for sensitive skin and delicate areas.

Packaged in a cute round reusable, recyclable cardboard tub, our cotton buds reflect our dedication to eco-conscious living.

Choose a cleaner, greener way to care for your personal hygiene with our biodegradable cotton buds.

  • x200 Cotton buds per pack
  • Made of bamboo and organic cotton
  • 100% Vegan and approved by PETA

2 reviews for Conscious Cotton Buds

  1. essexmarketingservices

    I absolutely LOVE these cotton buds. They’re stronger that you would imagine and excellent for what feels like everything!

  2. Cheryl (verified owner)

    Love these cotton buds. Such good quality, with plenty of “bud” which doesn’t disappear when you wet them.

    • Organically Epic

      So pleased you like them. Such a staple product.

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