Take about 20 to 30 centimetres of floss, winding it around our fingers and thumbs for strength and manoeuvrability, slowly go between each tooth, gently massaging up towards the gums.  If you can, imagine a C shape as you pull the floss towards the tooth, encompassing it in the floss, massaging the tooth and gum to remove tooth decay and food debris.

Charcoal Fibre (this includes Charcoal and Nylon), Peppermint, Candelilla Wax.

Sustainable cardboard.

Our floss and floss refills are made out of Charcoal fibre.  This includes nylon.  We chose this material specifically because of it’s efficacy and eco creds.  It may not be compostable like silk and cornstarch, however it is strong and durable whilst also significantly reducing plastic compared to conventional products.  When there is a material available that is as strong and compostable, we will be all over it!

The bamboo tube container can be reused indefinitely with our floss refills or recycled easily too.

Our packaging is 100% free of plastic.

Once you have cleaned your floss it can be placed in your conventional recycling or in your general waste.

The cardboard packaging, because it is so small can either be composted or recycled.

Always check local recycling policies.

Cruelty Free Dental Floss – 50m


Our Cruelty-Free Dental Floss is the perfect choice for those who care about both oral health and animal welfare. This eco-friendly dental floss is made from natural ingredients and is free from animal testing.

Each 50-meter spool provides a minty taste that leaves your mouth feeling fresh after each use. The strong, shred-resistant texture ensures a thorough clean between teeth, helping to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

Packaged in a biodegradable bamboo container, our dental floss promotes sustainability from production to disposal.

Make a compassionate choice for your dental routine with our cruelty-free dental floss.

  • 50 metres of charcoal infused floss.
  • Charcoal to pull away stains and deodorise between teeth.
  • Infused with peppermint to freshen breath whilst also soothing between the gums.


1 review for Cruelty Free Dental Floss – 50m

  1. Mark Willis (verified owner)

    Never really used to use dental floss before but I got this with other products from this website. I use it regularly and I’ve had no problems. Was hesitant about the charcoal but I could hardly taste it and my teeth feel great!

    • Organically Epic

      Thanks for reviewing, you’re converted! hurrah!

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