Brightened teeth, fresher breath, healthier gums and massive amounts of confidence in your smile!

Brush at least twice a day, morning and evening, with a pea sized amount of toothpaste and be sure to brush for at least 2 minutes as dentists advise.  Replace your toothbrush at least every 3 months.

Vegan Charcoal Floss
Use slowly yet firmly between the teeth in a c shape massaging the gums and teeth to get rid of plaque and food waste between teeth. Get between each tooth.

Put a pea sized amount on your toothbrush and brush as normal.  Dentists recommend brushing at least twice a day for two minutes each time.

Tongue Cleaner/Scraper
Apply a small amount of pressure on the tongue, working as far back as you can go and pulling down to the tip of the tongue.  Repeat the motion up to 10 times and see the gunk come off! disgusting yet very satisfying!

FSC Certified bamboo handle, nylon bristles infused with charcoal.

Vegan Charcoal Floss
Nylon, charcoal fibre, candelilla wax, peppermint essential oil.

Toothpaste ingredients;
aqua (water), calcium carbonate, xylitol, glycerin**, kaolin, sodium coco-sulfate, cellulose gum, vaccinium macrocarpon (cranberry) fruit extract, papain, caprylic/capric triglyceride, charcoal powder, mentha arvensis (peppermint) leaf oil*, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf powder*, menthol*, rabaudioside a, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil*,  benzyl alcohol, limonene. Naturally occurring in essential oils. 

45% Organic of total.
99.6 Natural origin of total.
** Made using organic ingredients.
*Organic ingredient.

Tongue Cleaner/Scraper
Stainless steel x2

All products are packaged in compostable and recyclable cardboard.
The toothpaste is packaged in recyclable FSC Certified cardboard cartons and the tube is made of carbon neutral sugarcane.

The toothbrushes are made from FSC certified bamboo.

The floss is made of nylon, charcoal fibre, candellia wax and peppermint essential oil -not perfect but getting there.

The toothpaste is;
Certified Organic by the Soil Association under COSMOS internationally recognised standard.
Certified Vegan by the Vegan Society.
Certified Cruelty Free.
Manufactured in the UK.
Upcycled cranberry extract.
Upcycled, carbon neutral sugar cane packaging.
FSC Certified cartons.

The tongue cleaner/scraper is made of stainless steel, a forever material that is also recyclable.

Organically Epic is also part of a carbon positive workforce with Ecologi.

Adult Toothbrush

  • You can separate the bristles from the brush handle, composting or recycling the brush handle with the bristles also going in the recycling.
  • The packaging can be composted or recycled.
  • We also suggest reusing your toothbrush as a cleaning brush or children’s funky paint brush too.
  • Always check local recycling policies.

Vegan Charcoal Floss

  • Can be recycled.
  • The cardboard packaging can be recycled.
  • Always check local recycling policies.


  • Once used, cut the top of the tube off and use any excess ingredient.  Wash out the tube and cut area.  Pop in your recycling as normal along with the cap.
  • The carton can be recycled as normal or ripped up and composted in your home compost.
  • Always check local recycling policies.

Tongue Cleaner/Scraper

  • You should never need to replace or get rid of your tongue cleaner, however, if you do, it can be recycled.

Dental Routine Collection with Manual Toothbrush

Original price was: £34.20.Current price is: £30.78.


Transform your daily dental care with our comprehensive organic oral care collection.

This meticulously curated set includes manual toothbrushes along with a range of naturally formulated products, designed to ensure your oral health is maintained in the most environmentally responsible way. Our collection features high-quality manual toothbrushes made from sustainable materials, offering a gentle yet effective clean.

Each toothbrush is paired with our specially formulated organic toothpaste, which usea natural and organic ingredients to protect and cleanse your teeth and gums without the harsh synthetic chemicals found in traditional oral care products.

Perfect for those looking to reduce their environmental impact, our products are reduce waste and utilise renewable materials. The inclusion of natural toothpaste alternatives, rich in essential oils and herbal extracts, helps to combat plaque, freshen breath, and promote overall oral hygiene.

By choosing our organic collection, you’re not only taking care of your teeth but also supporting a planet-friendly approach in your daily routine. Invest in our organic oral care collection today and step up your dental hygiene game while supporting sustainable practices that benefit our planet.


  • x1 Adult charcoal bamboo toothbrush – available in soft, medum and firm bristle
  • x1 Vegan charcoal floss in 50 metres with bamboo container.
  • x1 Brightening antioxidant toothpaste
  • x1 Stainless steel tongue cleaner

*please note, the imaging for this product includes the cosmetic bag, however, this is no longer included in this gift set.


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