Charge fully before use. Add toothpaste and place in your mouth before switching on (if you don’t want the toothpaste to go everywhere but your teeth :).

There are 5 settings, press the button to the setting you require and if you hold the button for a few seconds on that setting, you can change the intensity to soft, medium or firm.

The timer will vibrate every 30 seconds until it reaches 2 minutes.

*Dentists recommend we brush our teeth twice a day for at least 2 minutes.  You can of course brush again should you so wish.

Once finished, make sure you wipe your toothbrush down and regularly take the brush head off of the handle to give that a clean too.  Please replace toothbrush heads every 3 months to get the best out of your Sonic Wave. Any longer and the toothbrush head, because it is made of biodegradable materials, can start to break down on the inside loosening the grip on the toothbrush pin.

Please make sure you read the user instructions for greater detail on the toothbrush and its care. This also includes your one year warranty.

If you have a Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush, did you know we also sell bamboo replacement heads for that? You’ll find them here!

Or if you already have a Sonic Wave Electric Toothbrush, you can top up your Sonic Wave bamboo electric toothbrush heads here.

Our bamboo electric toothbrush heads are made from FSC certified bamboo and Dupont bristles, infused with Japanese Binchotan (charcoal) for enhanced brightening of the teeth.

Base and Handle are made of plastic, a faux bamboo look so it fits with the toothbrush heads.

This was chosen for safety and durability. Bamboo absorbs water so as well as being a fire risk with electronics inside, when we tried to make the entire brush out of bamboo it was super noisy and also was prone to mould.

All not a good look I think you’ll agree.

The box for our bamboo electric toothbrush is made of recyclable cardboard with a biodegradable cornstarch inner.

FSC Certified bamboo.

Recyclable plastic and electronics.

Long life battery for less electronic charging.

Recyclable cardboard with a biodegradable cornstarch.

You can either remove the bristles and put in your general waste, the bamboo and cornstarch can go in the recycling or your compost. Or put the entire toothbrush head in your recycling.

The handle should last for many years, however, when it reaches the end of it’s life please check your local electronic recycling facility and recycle accordingly.

The packaging can be reused in any way that you wish or recycled.  This is for the main box and the cornstarch inner.

Please always check local recycling policies. Just because our product is recyclable this does not mean that your local recycling facility will recycle it.  Every County and Country has different rules.

Sonic Wave Electric Bamboo Toothbrush – OUT OF STOCK – NEW BATCH DUE IN AUGUST – PRE ORDER HERE


Available on back-order


With every order of the Sonic Wave 1 tree is planted in our Organically Epic forest at Ecologi!

Our Sonic Wave Electric Bamboo Toothbrush is the pinnacle of eco-friendly oral care.

Designed to combine style, sustainability, and superior cleaning efficiency, this toothbrush features high-frequency sonic technology that deeply cleans teeth and gums, removing plaque and reducing gingivitis more effectively than manual brushing.

Multiple brushing modes adapt to your specific oral health needs, making this toothbrush ideal for anyone looking to enhance their dental routine while supporting ecological sustainability.

With compostable bamboo heads and recyclable bristles, it’s a true revolution  for those who want a more powerful teeth clean.

2022’s Winner of the following Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards;
Best Eco Toothbrush Device
Best Self Care Product – Kind to the Environment
Best Self Care Product – Innovation

Our Sonic Wave Bamboo Electric Toothbrush provides an even deeper clean than our regular charcoal-infused bamboo toothbrushes.


  • 5 settings for cleaning
  • 2 minute timer
  • Up to 6 weeks+ battery life (when using twice a day) *
  • FSC Certified bamboo
  • Wipeable handle
  • Scratch-Resistant casing

The box includes:

  • Bamboo Toothbrush Heads, bristles infused with Japanese Binchotan.**
  • USB charger
  • Charging base
  • x3 toothbrush heads
  • Electric toothbrush handle
  • User instructions
  • 1 year warranty as standard

Our Electric Toothbrush Bamboo Heads only fit the Sonic Wave Bamboo Toothbrush.

* To make sure you keep the battery life for longer, please do not use a ‘fast’ charging adapter.  The lower voltage of the Sonic Wave likes a longer lower charge so we recommend a 5V/1A adapter or under.

** Please replace your brush heads at least every 3 months, as recommended by dentists, but also to make sure that water does not pool at the top of the handle from the bamboo as well as ensuring the inner biodegradable workings do not start to break down, affecting the efficacy of the toothbrush head.  This can, in some rare cases, cause water to make its way into the inner workings of the brush handle.

The base and handle are made of durable, recyclable, plastic – see materials for more info.

9 reviews for Sonic Wave Electric Bamboo Toothbrush – OUT OF STOCK – NEW BATCH DUE IN AUGUST – PRE ORDER HERE

  1. essexmarketingservices (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for an eco electric toothbrush for over a year and finally bit the bullet and bought this. It is AMAZING! I was a fan of Organically Epic’s bamboo toothbrushes, but this takes it to another level. My teeth have never felt so clean! 100% recommend.

    • Organically Epic

      woo hoo! So pleased you’re a fan of the Sonic Wave! Thanks for reviewing, 100% recommend is high praise indeed. 🙂 Jayne x

  2. Zoe (verified owner)

    Love love love this toothbrush, so glad it’s came to market.
    It’s so easy to charge, use and so happy it’s not plastic.
    My little boy loves using it, especially all the different brushing modes. It’s making brushing teeth time more fun.
    The Charge is also lasting way beyond what I expected.
    Very pleased with the purchase.

    • Organically Epic

      Hi!!! I’m so so pleased you’re loving the Sonic Wave! The charge is fab isn’t it?! Thanks so much for reviewing, Jayne x

  3. Polly (verified owner)

    Really good brush, I’m generally very pleased. The charge lasts ages and it’s so nice not having gross wires hanging around in the bathroom. My only annoyance is that 100% of the heads we have used with the base, the centre plasticy piece has come out on first use, and it hasn’t gone back in again very well at all. Neither of the brush heads fit on the brush properly now, as a result of this, so there’s about a 1cm gap between the brush head and the brush body, so I’m not sure how good of a clean we’re getting with them. Any thoughts on how to combat this?

    • Organically Epic

      Goodness Polly, please email us on If the brush heads are faulty we need to send you some new ones! sincere apologies for this. This isn’t ok and not something you should have to just make do with. Thanks so much for pointing this out to us. Other than that I’m super pleased you love the rest of the brush, however, the brush heads are extremely important so please don’t just make do with them. Jayne xx

  4. Daniel Allinson (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for an environmentally friendly electric toothbrush for quite some time and although the Sonic Wave isn’t 100% sustainable it’s certainly the closest out there at the moment. I’m pleased that I won’t need to throw out those horrible single-use plastic toothbrush heads anymore. Hopefully one day the product can be manufactured a bit closer to home to help reduce the carbon impact.

    In terms of performance, I’ve been using the Sonic Wave for about a week now and I’m very impressed. It seems to be cleaning my teeth and gums as well as my old electric toothbrush, but it’s much, much quieter. I’m pleased it comes with a USB charger, rather than the two-prong charger, as this will make it much easier to charge when taking on holiday. Hopefully the battery lasts for many years to come.

    The service from Organically Epic was excellent. Very prompt delivery and great communication throughout the purchase. I will definitely come back in the future to top up on bamboo brush heads and toothpaste. It’s great to support a business with such high ethical standards.

    • Organically Epic

      Hi Daniel! thanks for your lovely review, I’m so pleased you are enjoying using the Sonic Wave and have such high praise for the product and our service. I too hope that one day the toothbrush can be manufactured closer to home. Once it can be, we will be all over it 🙂 happy brushing! Jayne x

  5. Jane

    Am really pleased with this brush. Bought one for my husband too. One charge lasts 6 weeks as claimed. Brilliant not having to buy plastic replacement heads. Thank you.

    • Organically Epic

      Hi Jane! we are so pleased you’re loving the Sonic Wave! Thank you for the review and Happy brushing! Jayne x

  6. Hannah Law (verified owner)

    I bought my sonic wave 2 months ago and I would never go back to another product. After the first use I felt for the first time in ages that my teeth were clean. After 4 weeks of using the whitening mode my teeth looked yes yellow (my daughters words not mine!). Since my menopause my oral regime has had to change and with this and the charcoal toothpaste I’m feeling my confidence grow again.

    • Organically Epic

      High praise indeed, thank you so much for taking the time to review. So pleased our products are working so well for you. Jayne x

  7. ViviNe Williams

    Great product, fantastic I can find an electric toothbrush that’s sustainable, love it!

  8. Ben Manning (verified owner)

    Having bought my wife one of Organically Epic’s sonic toothbrushes, I got toothbrush envy and then put it on my Christmas wish list. Without doubt the best toothbrush I’ve ever owned. Multiple settings to choose from, sturdy design and the charge seems to last forever. Handy timer function and the knowledge that you’re doing your bit to reduce plastic in the environment is the icing on the cake. Also found the customer service if you do have any problems is amazing. Thank you Jayne!

    • Organically Epic

      This is an absolutely lovely review, thank you so much Ben. Your kind words are very much appreciated and I’m so pleased you love the toothbrush. Jayne x

  9. Mark Pledger

    Purchased as Christmas present by the other half. Initially it seemed that my teeth were a bit sensitive to it and you have to be careful to not to press too hard. Soon got used to using it and it is much better to use than other brands of Electric toothbrushes I have tried. Leaves teeth feeling smooth. The bamboo plastic handle is a bit gimmicky but at least the heads are fine. I hope that it lasts longer than other toothbrushes that tend to fail after a year or two. So far so good. Really pleased.

    • Organically Epic

      Hi Mark, The handle is made of plastic due to product safety, without the handle being made of plastic it would not have passed the extensive safety tests needed for electronic products. We made it look like bamboo for the aesthetics so it matched the head. The plastic is also as light and thin as we could make it and recyclable in your electronic recycling. With an electric toothbrush you don’t need to press against the teeth, make sure you’re ‘sweeping’ the tooth and allowing the motor to do the work. I’m so pleased you’re happy with the Sonic Wave and it’s working for you. Thanks so much for reviewing as well. Jayne x

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