Use after you’ve cleansed your tongue. Move the bristle between each tooth. Massaging and gently brushing between the teeth and gums, getting into even the smallest of pockets.

Each brush will last for up to a week to help boost your oral hygiene, even if you’re using them twice a day to keep your mouth super-clean and fresh.

FSC Certified Bamboo, coated with carnuba wax, with nylon bristles from DuPont.

Sustainable cardboard packaging.


With a bamboo handle and stainless steel wire our bamboo interdentals are as sustainable as they come. Getting rid of the need for plastic packaged, plastic interdentals.

You get 8 in a pack and they will, with the correct care, last up to a week so that’s two months of interdental cleansing right there!

Remove the stainless steel wire and bristles from the bamboo handle. The handle can be composted with the wire and bristles being recyclable.

The cardboard packaging can be recycled.

Always check local recycling policies.

Sustainable Bamboo Interdental Brushes – 8 pack (0/0.4mm) – Free Add-on


  • x8 Interdental brushes per pack
  • Size 0 / 4mm / Pink
  • Handle made of bamboo, wire made of stainless steel, dupont bristles
  • 100% Vegan and approved by PETA

The tiny bamboo interdental brush can effectively remove food particles and other debris from between even the smallest spaces between teeth and gums, making it a perfect companion to our vegan dental floss and organic bamboo toothbrush.

Our sustainable bamboo interdental brushes are designed to promote oral health and environmental well-being simultaneously. Perfect for cleaning between teeth and around braces, these brushes help reduce plaque buildup and prevent gum disease. Made with a bamboo handle and durable bristles, they provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic interdental brushes. Available in sizes from 0.0-4mm, they fit snugly into spaces to remove debris and bacteria effectively, ensuring your teeth and gums stay healthy. Choose our bamboo interdental brushes for a greener way to care for your smile.


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