Sarah Allanson’s talks Guided Harmony, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Angel Card Readings

G’day my name is Sarah and I am an Aussie who now lives in Essex. I moved to England for a position as a dietitian. More than 14 years later I still work as a Dietitian part time, but I started my business Guided Harmony after I had my little girl.

I still love science and learning about how the human body works. So, you maybe scratching your head and wondering how do dietetics and holistic therapies work together. Well, I see holistic therapies as complimentary to traditional medical treatments or as a stand-alone therapy.

Whether it is Reiki or Crystal Healing, my approach to proving holistic health is not to just focus on the condition (physical or emotional), but to see you as a whole person and consider all possible connections and causes that maybe affecting you mind, body and spirit.

Before starting Guided Harmony I always loved receiving holistic treatments as a part of my self-care. Before having my daughter, if you had told me that I would be starting a business of my own and providing holistic therapies, I would have said you crazy drongo, what are you smoking! Alas, the universe has a funny way of bringing to your attention where your life needs to be heading.

My wake up call was my daughter. My world did completely change when I had my little girl. I found myself so unbalanced, anxious and overwhelmed. It was like my little girl opened Pandora’s box for me and all the deep fears and unhealed grief that was inside me came out. I kept thinking what the hell is going on. I didn’t think being a mama was going to be easy, but wow it was a wake up call.

While in the thick of it all and trying to cope, Reiki was the key that opened a door and changed my life. I’m sorry that sounds a bit dramatic, but it helped me to release my difficult past and start the healing process of my mind, body and spirit. It also created space within me that helped the bonding process with my baby girl.

My mother passed away when I was very young and all of the difficult emotions that come with the loss of a mother were kept deep down inside me. I wrote this on Mother’s Day and to me it shows me how far I have come with my own healing.

‘Dear Mama,

So many years have passed since you took your last breath on this earth. I remembered how you loved Nutella sandwiches, but mama I was only 3 and most of the memories have faded and I thought my connection to you lost. For so many years I thought I did not need you, why would I, I am doing just “fine”.

But Mama, I am now a Mama and I need you more than ever. How can I mother my child when I had not been mothered? How can I connect to my baby when our connection is no more?

Thank you God for my daughter who has taught me that love and connection is never lost. Thank you Holy Spirit for never giving up, in my most darkest moments, when I thought my fear would consume me you always shined your light.

Mama you have never left my side. Love has no barriers and I see this now. As I celebrate being a Mama today, I also celebrate our love and connection that can never be broken. You are my angel and a shining light for us all.’

It didn’t occur to me straight away that this is where my life’s journey was headed. It wasn’t until my second Reiki attunement that I started thinking about the possibility of doing my new love as a business.

I love sharing my passion for Reiki and being part of my client’s journey of change. Once again the universe had other plans and it included crystals. I have always loved crystals but I didn’t really know much about them or how they could be used. Suddenly an amazing opportunity came up where I could learn more about crystals and how to use them as a holistic therapy.  

Crystals are now part of my everyday life. I always have crystals on me, either as jewellery, in my pockets or (yes ladies) in my bra and around the house. Actually while we were renovating I also placed crystals in the holes of the bricks to help with peace and harmony in my home. Like Reiki, crystals have been so supportive of my family’s needs and mine, whether it is physical or emotional.

I love that my little girl also loves crystals and it so nice to share this passion with her. Children are so naturally intuitive and I love seeing what crystals she picks when she feels like she needs one, she always knows what she needs and doesn’t second-guess.

There are so many different crystals throughout the world and new ones being discovered. There’s loads of information on the Internet, books and you may think that the different authors explanations of the crystals are different. That’s ok; each person is individual and will have a different experience with a crystal. All of us crystal healers will vary with our advice and recommendations, as we all have different experiences to bring to the healing. But, one crystal that most healers and sensitive people would recommend is black tourmaline. It is an amazing crystal, as it can help to protect your energy field from other people’s energy and it is wonderfully grounding. It’s a perfect crystal to wear daily if you are around stressful people and if you have a stressful job. You do not want to be absorbing other people’s woes and negative energy, which can potentially unbalance you.

OK, now for a bit more woo woo. I have always been intuitive – something that I tried to ignore most of my childhood. The Divine was not going to let me get away from this gift so instead of ignoring it I have gradually embraced it. One way I have done this is by doing Angel Card Readings.

I love connecting with angels, as they give you unconditional love and connection to source. Their messages are uplifting and motivating. The connection I have to the angelic kingdom is what I bring to my clients when you receive Reiki or Crystal Healing.

I use my intuition with listening, seeing, feeling and knowing to help move you through current life challenges. I am so grateful to have this gift, but crazy as it might sound we are all intuitive. Some of us are just more open than others. I am sure most of you have heard or said to yourself “I have this gut feeling…” This is your intuitive energy giving you the heads up about something that feels right or wrong.

Looking towards the future I would love Guided Harmony to continue to grow with my one to one sessions, but I would like to incorporate my other passion for teaching. I am in the process of putting together sessions on learning about crystals and how to use them, as well as the chakras and use of pendulums.

I love sharing my passion for self-care and helping to create more balance and harmony for life’s journey. I have definitely not got life figured out, but I love learning and sharing this with my clients and on social media.

Love and Light

Sarah xx



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