Smash your limiting beliefs with Jo, Founder of Blossom Coaching and all around amazing Lady!

I’m Jo, a Business and Mindset strategist helping Mum’s in Business feel empowered and independent by showing them how to market their businesses, show up with confidence and give them strategies to feel less overwhelmed. 

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business, whether you’re an old hat, or a newbie, you will still have something in common; negative thoughts / chatter. Every single person can, at times, feel like they can’t achieve something. You may be scared to launch a programme / product for fear of failure, or rejection. You may have a deep routed thought that you don’t deserve success, sometimes you’re being held back by other sources; family, friends etc but what happens if those very thoughts ate stopping you in your tracks. 

Let me introduce you to resistance and limited thoughts and share with you my top tips on hacking them so you can move forward in your business and grow in confidence. 

When I look at my clients they come to me for various reasons. 9 times out of 10, they want more revenue, or, they don’t have enough time, but simply put when I’m delving into the real issues, it’s all about limited beliefs.

So let’s break this down. how you can be aware of your thoughts, what you have been doing with them so far, and how you can overcome those debilitating thoughts that will help you get results in your business. 

Let’s use an example, perhaps you’ve been telling everyone you can’t do a Facebook live because you don’t know how to, yet you also know that FB Lives are a great way to build your empire. It’s quite simple, you can Google how to physically do one, when you really look at the reason, it’s purely because it’s out of your comfort zone and you’re pushing your sub conscious brain into the “I DON’T WANT TO DO IT BECAUSE I MAY LOOK STUPID”  path. 

The above is just one example of what we do to ourselves on a daily basis and sometimes subconsciously you aren’t even aware that you’re telling yourself this. 

Every single belief can be readjusted, redefined, thrown in a box, set on fire!!

1) What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think about what’s been holding you back in life and business.

What do you tell yourself daily? What have you stopped doing, or never done, because it’s too scary, or you don’t believe you could. 

Write it down, in big fat letters in a journal / note book. 

2)  Next look for evidence that that belief is a crock of sh*t. What do you have that you can use as firm evidence that it simply isn’t true.

To use an example here if you wrote down I’m not good enough, I’d like you to think about that statement and where it comes from.

Everybody is good enough. Everybody was born with the same about of confidence / self esteem, If you’ve been telling yourself you aren’t good enough the likelihood is that you procrastinate before putting anything out there, in fear of people rejecting, laughing, hurling abuse, throwing rotten apples at you because you simply don’t feel you’re worthy of the prize.

3) To get real results and success in your business / life, you can reaffirm a new belief. All you need to do is write down the very opposite of what you think and through repetition, you will slowly start to adjust your self image / or sub conscious mind that, yes, you can do whatever you damn well please. 

So for the next 21 days, write down what you want to believe. It’s as simple as that.  If you want to delve deeper and smash the thoughts that are holding you back, come take my Free, 3 day “Limitless” challenge here –

Jo Bullock  – Business Strategist to the feisty Motha!

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