Organically Epic’s aim is bring natural and organic dental products to you that are not purely focused on being sustainable.  Their efficacy has to be tip top.   There’s no point in having a product that is as zero waste as possible if it doesn’t work.  That’s not sustainable, if it doesn’t work then you wouldn’t want it.

Because of this we are focused on 3 core points in our quest to be as sustainable as possible. 

Materials and Ingredients, Manufacturing and Packaging.

We only use the best most sustainable materials for our dental products, working with our manufacturer on the latest technologies available.  

Our packaging at the moment is very simple, made purely of cardboard that can be recycled.

To us sustainability includes people and our social impact.  It’s about making sure employees are looked after, sustainability doesn’t only encompass a finished product, it includes the entire chain.  That includes the people who work for and with us.  A full circle practice where the entire supply chain gets involved.

We are very lucky to work closely with our suppliers and to have them truly listen to our thoughts and ideas on how to become more sustainable together.


Materials and Ingredients

We combine efficacy with a low carbon footprint, the least amount of impact on the earth with the greatest amount of impact on your pearls.


We partner with the best suppliers who are willing to work with us, not against us. We believe having a great relationship with suppliers is vital for the best experience.


We're keeping it simple with recyclable materials that have a low impact on the Earth. Recycled card, glass, aluminium and new, exciting materials coming soon!