At Organically Epic, our commitment to sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Not only do our products have to work, but they have to be as kind to the environment as is possible.

We strive to implement eco-friendly practices across all areas of our business, from sourcing sustainable materials to reducing carbon across our supply chain as well as our own footprint.

With this in mind we are focused on 3 core points in our quest to be as sustainable as possible. 

Materials and Ingredients, Manufacturing and Packaging.

Our approach includes using recyclable packaging, supporting regenerative, fair trade and organic farming. As well as minimising waste in our manufacturing processes.

We only use the most sustainable materials and ingredients for our oral and skincare products. Working alongside our suppliers and manufacturers to access the latest technologies.

Our bamboo is FSC Certified, grown and harvested sustainably and shipped with as little carbon footprint as is possible.

We are certified Organic, Natural, Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan.  We utilise natural, organic and upcycled ingredients across our entire range.

We believe in making choices that not only benefit our customers but also have a positive impact on the environment.

To us sustainability includes people and our social impact.  It’s about making sure employees are looked after, sustainability doesn’t only encompass a finished product, it includes the entire chain.  That includes the people who work for and with us.  A full circle practice where the entire supply chain gets involved.

We support local & national initiatives monetarily and with donations of our toothbrushes. Our founder is also a trustee at the Southend Care Bank where we donate our toothbrushes and time.

Discover more about how we’re helping to pave the way for a more sustainable future via our social media channels and please do sign up to our mailing list where you will get insider info on the brand and our products.


Materials and Ingredients

We combine efficacy with a low carbon footprint, utilising natural & organic ingredients & materials. Minimal impact on the earth, maximum impact on your health.


We partner with the best suppliers who are willing to work with us, not against us. Where we can manufacture in house, such as our skincare range, we do.


We're keeping it simple with recyclable materials that have a low impact on the Earth. Recycled card, glass, FSC materials & sugarcane.