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The Dental and Sustainability Creds of our Interdental Brushes

On insta this week I asked our community if they knew what an interdental brush was.  80% of those who answered had no idea. I’ll be honest, 2 years ago, I didn’t either.  It was only after a visit to my hygienist where she said I needed something a little bit extra on top of flossing.  Two children and age are against my otherwise healthy gum health you see.  So I was quick to take on board whatever she was recommending.

Her recommendation was the unassuming interdental brush.  Tiny little brushes that go between the gaps in your teeth, like floss, but a bit more bougie.  They brush between the teeny tiny gaps, pulling out debris and also, brushing away plaque.  Not to mention how they are very very helpful if you have receding gums and tiny gum pockets that floss has no way of getting into.

Orthodontists are also huge advocates of the interdental brush due to their ability to brush between braces.  Small yet mighty.

It’s been said that only 31% of the UK population floss so it’s not surprising we don’t know about interdentals either.  But floss we must and interdental we should try.

The downside to your standard interdental brush?  They’re plastic and one use only.  Not great on the environmental impact front.  They’re packaged in plastic as well…. Plastic plastic all round.

Whilst I knew they were needed for my dental health my heart and head couldn’t get around the plastic waste. 

Here’s where the our Organically Epic Bamboo Interdentals come in.

Our lockdown launch in May 2020 and have been gaining popularity ever since.  So here’s the down low;

The dental benefits of our bamboo interdental brushes

  1. Help prevent gum disease.
  2. Help keep breath fresh and fight of gingivitis – a symptom of gum disease.
  3. Help with tooth sensitivity – they’re super soft.
  4. Removes food debris and plaque from between teeth – plaque it the number 1 culprit in causing tooth decay so this is a massive plus point.
  5. If you struggle with flossing this could be for you.
  6. Use them after tongue cleansing in your dental routine.
  7. You can floss and use interdentals if you wish – for that extra oomph for your gums.
  8. If you have braces, they’re a must to get between wires making sure plaque does not take hold.

The reduced waste sustainability creds of our bamboo interdental brushes

  1. The handle is made of FSC Certified mature bamboo.
  2. The bristles are dupont with a stainless steel wire.
  3. The packaging is cardboard and small enough to be composted but can also be recycled.
  4. The handle can be composted or recycled.
  5. The wire and bristles can be put in your normal waste.
  6. Accredited Cruelty Free and Vegan under PETA’s beauty without Bunnies campaign.
  7. Up to 95% less plastic, including the packaging, than conventional interdental brushes.
  8. Low environmental impact.

So you see, whilst they may not be for everyone they’re definitely something you should be trying to incorporate into your dental routine if you can.

Available on our website, click here to purchase.

As always, any questions just let me know.

Have a fab day!

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