The Power of Bamboo

When it comes to our products, one thing is pretty clear – we LOVE bamboo! There are so many reasons for using bamboo instead of other less sustainable materials, but a lot of people still don’t know exactly why bamboo is our favourite. That’s why we’ve put together a list of reasons for using bamboo in our toothbrushes to share with you today:

It’s Renewable AND Good for the Environment

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet and bamboo forests can be grown in a few years. It doesn’t need pesticides and other toxins for cultivation making it super eco friendly to the earth and environment.  In fact, pollution can actually be reduced when cultivating bamboo because the plants reduce up to 35% of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere whilst also producing more oxygen – pretty cool right?

It’s Versatile

Bamboo is the ideal material for our toothbrushes, but it’s also great for making other things, too. Bamboo is 40% more absorbent than the best organic cotton, making it the perfect eco material for clothing as well as towels and make up remover pads.  It can take up to three times more water than its weight – the perfect way to get rid of moisture. Because of its durability, it’s the perfect material for making reusable health and beauty products which contribute towards the reduction of plastic use, as well as reducing the amount of waste which ends up in landfill.

It’s Almost as Strong as Steel

Bamboo is actually incredibly strong and durable – it can even be used as scaffolding and building materials such as bridges and houses. Like true wood, it has a high strength to weight ratio useful for such structures.  It has a higher compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete and a tensile strength that rivals steel.  Cool right? If you haven’t already seen it, we highly recommend you search for videos online of bamboo being used as scaffolding – it’s seriously impressive!

It’s Antibacterial

Bamboo is more than just a one-trick pony. As well as being organic, sustainable, good for the environment AND super strong, it’s naturally antimicrobial and will kill bacteria, even those that penetrate the surface. Its strength, durability and antimicrobial properties make bamboo the perfect material for a toothbrush that will naturally attract bacteria not only from your mouth but from damp bathrooms as well.

It Works In Harmony with Charcoal

Bamboo, on its own, is a pretty fabulous material, but when you team it with charcoal (as in our Epic toothbrushes) it becomes even better. Charcoal is known to naturally whiten the teeth without the use of chemicals or harsh, abrasive ingredients, giving you whiter teeth the natural way. The combination of bamboo and charcoal works in perfect harmony to cleanse, deodorise and freshen breath, leaving your mouth free from bacteria which can cause tooth decay and bad odours.

If you have any questions about the benefits of using bamboo or charcoal, do get in touch. We love the opportunity to extol the virtues of our favourite products and create new converts to our way of thinking!

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