Toothpaste: Multinationals vs Independents

Earlier this year, I noticed a toothpaste that Colgate launched, the Max White Ultimate… it was retailing at £25… I nearly spat my coffee out. I mean I get that our Brightening Antioxidant Toothpaste is a high price for a toothpaste, but seeing colgate launching a toothpaste for £25 take the biscuit.

I don’t doubt it does as it says, whiten’s, remineralises, removes surface stains – there’s a caviat on the instant whitening though from colgate. It’s temporary. So I’m not sure how that works. After 4 weeks teeth are whitened, which would be peroxide in the toothpaste – which is the same as any whitening toothpaste. Taking back staining 15 years is a wild claim though, if you have staining from 15 years surely your teeth would look like mud?

Price wise it’s on the internet at anything from £12 to £25 which is a rather large jump as well. I’m not sure how that works.

The truth of the matter is, our Brightening Antioxidant Toothpaste has been made with the best organic and natural ingredients available for a food grade dental product. Organic ingredients are at least 18 times more expensive than a synthetic ingredient. To make money on our toothpaste I should be selling it at at least £20. But I can’t do that, I don’t have the marketing know how to sell for that price and morally, that’s not ok either.

Huge multinational dental companies are pumping out thousands upon thousands of units a day, getting their products manufactured for pennies. Not to mention the wastage and harm to the planet. They launch new products continually. Toothpaste that whiten, freshen breath, are for sensitive teeth, remineralise, foam, are gels, pastes, tablets etc etc.

A product for everyone. But too many products. Too much packaging too many variations when there should only be a few.

In the Colgate Max White range they have 18 different toothpaste. That doesn’t even include their max white mouthwashes and toothbrushes. 18 different products that claim to the same thing but differently. Absolutely wild. Confusing and also so so bad for the planet.

The only thing our toothpaste does not do that the colgate one does is take back staining 15 years or make your teeth super white.

What our toothpaste does does offer;

🍎Brightened teeth, you’ll notice a difference in as little as 2 weeks.

🍎Fresherbreath, softly and effectively.

🍎Fights gum disease.

🍎Fights against cavities and tooth decay.

🍎Is packed full of organic and natural antioxidants and anticaries.

🍎Suitable for sensitive gums and teeth.

🍎Soothes gums.

🍎Is certified organic and natural.

🍎Carbon Neutral tubes made of sugarcane.

🍎Certified cruelty free.

🍎Certfied vegan.

🍎When you buy our toothpaste not only do you get the best in person customer service but you’re buying from a small female owned business.

🍎Your purchase allows Organically Epic to keep going in difficult times and in good times, to invest in growing the business and launch other products.

🍎Your support in purchasing from Organically Epic allows me to grow a business that supports my family, that means I can be with my children when they need me.

🍎Your support puts money into the local community not into multinationals who really will always do just fine.

🌳I’m not one to bag our brands but I’m sure colgate can take it…. if you want to see more Multinational vs Independent chatter please let me know.

Jayne x

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