What I’ve learnt from self isolation in this crazy crazy time…

I’m on day 11 of self isolation.  I’m not gonna lie, it’s been hard.  Very very hard.  I’ve been ill.  Is it Coronovirus, who knows.  Possibly.  I’ve been ill for over a week and it’s ranged from fever, to coughing to sneezing to headaches and also sickness.  But I’m ok.  It’s been painful but I’m ultimately ok.  I’m also at home with a 7 year old and a 2 year old.  

Whilst the first 5 days were difficult to say the least, we have found our groove.  The children have turned feral but we are home schooling and keeping them busy.  My eldest is loving having time with just us and learning with her Dad.  Who thankfully is a trainee teacher.  The youngest has become rather unhinged at times, but cute with it too.

What we have had to do is slow down.  So… slow…. compared to our normal days and weeks.  So we are learning about each other again.  Properly learning.  Not having to do school and preschool drop offs, pick ups, clubs, meetings, work and other commitments means we are all listening and properly talking.   It’s not all sunshine and roses, some days we want to drop kick each other in the garden but mostly, mostly it’s good.

Here’s what I’ve learnt by being at home with my family

1. It takes time to get into a groove and get your head around what you’re actually having to do.

2. Mental health is everything. We are so lucky to have a garden.

3. My family and friends are fucking amazing. They’ve dropped things off and daily video calls are everything right now.

4. There will be too much tv. Deal with it.

5. My husband is actually quite amazing. I’ve been ill. He’s looking after me and home schooling the eldest. Now if he could just do the dishes and clean the house…. 

6. It’s ok for Organically Epic to slow down for a bit. Terrifying yes, but ok. Orders will still be processed a couple of times a week. And I’m working on exciting things. If anything, I’ve been given the kick in the arse that I needed.

7. That our staff at Organically Epic and Epic Marketing are one of a kind. We have a company whatsapp group. It’s amazing. They are funny, kind and more supportive than I have ever given them credit for.

8. That our NHS should be applauded. They’re the best of the best. They are the ones that will get us through this, they are the angels that we need.

9. That supermarket workers, postal workers and delivery drivers keep this country moving. Not the bankers and hedge fund managers. The amount of money you have and what you own means fuck all now.

10. That children are hard work. Such, hard, work. But, they’re also majestic, loving and just looking for reassurance. They are unsettled too. It’s down to us to lead.

11. That reaching out to your neighbours is crucial and will bring you closer.

12. That I can indeed wear the same pair of jeans or dungarees for quite a few days before washing them.

13. That a 2 year old, left alone with paint can do quite a bit of damage.

14. Big business has shown their hand.  Companies like Weatherspoons, Topshop and Virgin do not deserve our custom. Jeff Bezosos asking for donations for his staff? He’s the worlds richest man. If businesses cannot help their staff, especially when they are getting governmental help, they are the lowest of the low. Its greed.

15. Small business is leading the way.  We are all lifting each other up, offering support, discounts and freebies where we can to our customers.  Even to our own detriment. 

We are all in this together and the only way to get through it is to support our staff, peers and customers through this time.

Are you self isolating? How have you found it? are you looking to the positives, if you can?  I’d love to hear from you about your experiences.

Much love and stay safe peeps!

Jayne xxxx

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