What makes our toothbrushes, and ultimately our brand, different from all the others?

With so many bamboo toothbrush brands on the market it can make it hard for us to stand out against the rest. 

We are often asked but how are you different?
Why is your toothbrush more expensive?

I talk about our values, our ethos, on our social media pages and via the different blogs we have on here.  From our stance on animal cruelty, use of natural and organic materials over synthetic materials in cosmetics, our research and use of sustainable materials in our packaging to our social and ethical commitments.

I like to think you get a broad idea of who we are and what we stand for.

So it won’t come as a surprise that when I first dream’t of launching our products, I had to make sure that we partnered with a manufacturer who also upheld our values.

No matter how much bamboo I grow in my garden I’m never going to manufacturer our products myself and this also goes for any future ingredient based products (nudge nudge). I simply don’t have the resource to mix together any cosmetics on the scale that we would need.  

So, the right manufacturer has always been our biggest priority.

For our toothbrushes, which were our first launch, it took me a year to find our manufacturer.  I spoke to over 10 manufacturers prior to partnering with who we use now.  It took a lot of time and research as well as going with my gut instinct.  Instinct plays a huge part in moving forward as a business, When you’re speaking on the phone and the manufacturer is half a world away, as ours is, sometimes the paperwork isn’t enough. 

You have to build the relationship and trust is key.

Bamboo products are made in two places you see.  Either China, or India.  I had meetings with manufacturers from both Countries but only really clicked and trusted one, our existing manufacturer.

When you are manufacturing products in a country that others see as taboo you have to be careful.  Taboo in the sense of sustainability, given that it isn’t the UK and also taboo in their animal rights legislation.

Everything I say our brand is has to be the truth, we have to not only be transparent, which is easy, we have to be truthful and honest.  I don’t know about you but I’m fed up of brands, natural ones included, not telling us the truth about their products.  Always hiding where it’s made, what the packaging is actually made of and using their marketing in a fearful way.  I didn’t want that for us, it’s not how I live my life so it wasn’t going to be how I ran my business either.

Our toothbrush, floss, interdental brush, tongue cleaner, cotton bud and straw manufacturer is based in China.  I made sure they adhere to the following practices;

1. They are committed to an equal work place as well as an equality policy.
2. They pay their workers a good living wage.
3. They do not employ underage workers or support the slave trade.
4. They adhere to GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes)
5. They give their staff adequate work breaks, do not make their staff work long hours and they allow their staff at least two days off per week as well as regular holidays.
6. They has safe working environments and up to date Health and Safety policies.
7. They only harvest their materials when the bamboo is mature and has been grown for over 3 years.
8. That when the bamboo is harvested, it is planted straight away allowing the materials to be sustainable in the truest sense of the word.
9. That Panda habitat is not destroyed in the growth or harvest of the bamboo.

I speak to our manufacturer at least twice a week.  They’re amazing.  So I’m up to date with any changes going on their end and they with us as well. 

This is just one of the reasons that set us apart from other brands, our due diligence. 

Our commitment to making sure that where we are taking materials, especially from another country, it is as sustainably done as possible.  Without harming any animals or humans in the process.

Our commitment to making sure that our Chinese manufacturer is completely above board, not supporting child labour, providing good wages, looking after their staff.

For sure you can get cheaper bamboo toothbrushes, but at what cost? Ours are the price they are because of all of the requirements we have.  Our price means that the manufacturers staff are paid well, they are safe.  They are not taken advantage of in anyway by unscrupulous employers and bosses.

That’s why our products are slightly more expensive.

We know our toothbrushes and other dental products are truly better for the earth, they are providing good working conditions and good wages to those who make them.

Who else can say that? 

I hope this blog has provided some insight into our little Organically Epic world.  If you want to receive regular updates on our blogs and products please do sign up for our newletter via our home page.

Thanks so much, as always, 

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