Wonder Woman Wednesday Guest blogs

Hi all! I just thought I’d jump on here quickly to do a cheeky blog about our new Wonder Woman Wednesday guest blogs.  

A few weeks ago I was thinking about all these amazing women in my local area that I know or know of, through various women in business groups, facebook groups, that I’ve met at one event or another and through friends of friends.  There are some amazing women out there doing their thing and making their work fit around their lives.  This got me thinking about how we all support each other in various ways and how I would like to introduce our customers, followers and clients to these fab women.

The idea of Wonder Woman Wednesday was born.  It was an idea that I didn’t actually think anyone would be interested in.  Little did I know that I’d have at least 30 business women interested in collaborating with us within 2 hours of me letting a few people know my idea.  Hurrah, success, the idea turned into reality.  

So, every Wednesday we will bring you a guest blog from someone that we consider, a Wonder Woman.  This can be for many reasons because lets be honest, we are all Wonder Women and Wonder Men aren’t we?

We have a wide range of businesses and women taking part so the blogs will mostly be an explanation about that business and person, who they are, what they do, how it works for them and their inspirations etc.  Just a little intro into their worlds.  Some of them you’ll be interested in, some you won’t.  That’s the nature of being human, different strokes for different folks and all that.  Although I really do hope we’ve got something for everyone so please take a peek at our site each week to see which great lady will be contributing their blog.

On the back of the blog, we will also be hosting a Wonder Woman Instagram live each week, mainly on a Wednesday, because you know, Wonder Woman Wednesday and all that, unless the lady in question cannot do that date.  The live will be announced on a Wednesday morning so you’ll get to know who we will be chatting to that evening, the time and roughly what about.  

We will be taking questions from the viewer as well so if it is a business or topic that you think will float your boat, please tune in and ask away! we’d love to speak with you.

We really hope you enjoy our Wonder Woman Wednesday collaborations.  Perhaps we will speak to you on the lives!

Take care and live peacefully,

Jayne and the Team xxx

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